About Us

Notts Peer to Peer Network is a non-profit voluntary organisation.
Working together with other partner organisations in the region, we aim to help users of mental health services along the road to recovery. Through our Gateway Drop-In we provide something very special, a regular opportunity for peer-to-peer support and social companionship in a non-judgemental, relaxed environment.
By providing items such as brochures and leaflets at our meetings as well as promoting links with our partners, we hope to be a useful starting point in your search for information about local opportunities for self-help, support, training and more.
None of us are medically trained although most of us have been touched by mental health issues. Whilst this means that we may discuss mental health issues in a social context, we are not healthcare professionals. Please consult your healthcare provider if you feel that you need medical advice. This might mean contacting your GP or your mental health team.

We Are Responsible For Ourselves

Notts Peer To Peer Network is self-managed.
Much of our strength lies in the way in which we focus our resources on a small number of simple objectives. We have a very modest budget and similarly humble management needs. A small committee helps to guide us with a light touch. It also initiates fundraising and organises special events as well as maintaining and stengthening links with our partners.

Find Out More

We've kept our website simple.
This is to make it easier for you to find the most important things about Notts Peer To Peer Network. If you'd like to join us then you can simply visit us at our Drop-In. Of course you may have unanswered questions that you'd like to ask first. We're always happy to hear from anyone with a genuine interest in the Network so please contact us.
Do you represent an organisation involved in mental health? Whatever it is, commercial or non-profit, we'd love to hear from you to explore how we can work together.