Gateway Drop-In

Make friends at our weekly drop-in.
There's always a warm welcome at the Notts Peer To Peer Network Gateway Drop-In. Located in a peaceful haven right in the centre of Nottingham, the drop-in is open every Wednesday afternoon. It offers you the opportunity to meet other people who find themselves touched by mental health issues. Our meetings are friendly and informal. There's no need to register or join anything, just turn up and come in. You are free to visit the group as often as you like. Some of us enjoy it so much that we are there every week, others prefer to call in from time to time instead. Stay for as long or as little as you wish, whether that's five minutes or two hours. No-one will judge you. We are all about support, not criticism.

An Afternoon Well Spent

This is your time. Shut the world outside and relax.
The Gateway Drop-In is a bit like a small, easy-going social club. Some of us like to chat quite a lot, but it's perfectly ok to be quiet too. It's not just about mental health. Of course things like medication, therapy and coping do come up but just like at any other social event we find ourselves discussing almost any subject that comes to mind.
Hot and cold drinks and light refreshments are always available, their cost is covered by a very small charge.
If you don't feel like talking then why not sketch, write, knit or sew? The drop-in has a great range of activities so you don't need to bring anything with you unless you want to. You can play cards, have a game of chess or look through our extensive library of leaflets, booklets and guides.
Once or twice a year we organise outings to places of interest. This can be a refreshing change from the weekly meetings. Another variation is provided by our guest speakers who give presentations to the group from time to time. The topics are generally related to mental health and may include things like therapy or life skills.
Many people who visit the Gateway Drop-In soon join our secret Facebook group. We use this for secure announcements and it's a great way to stay in touch too.

Who Is It For?

Almost anyone touched by mental health issues.
Whether you are feeling your way through illness right now, on the road to recovery or caring for someone else, the drop-in is for you. Your gender, sexuality, race or religion are unimportant. No-one will pry and you will never need to reveal anything about yourself that you don't want to - not even your real name. We respect each other's privacy and dignity.
Although our meeting place is in a community room in a church, Notts Peer To Peer Network has no affiliation to any religion and everyone is welcome whatever their beliefs.

Find Us Here

The Gateway Drop-In is in the centre of Nottingham, easy to reach by bus, tram and train.
We meet on Wednesday afternoons from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, every week of the year except the Wednesdays after Easter and Christmas. The venue is St James's Room at the rear of St Peter's Church on St Peter's Gate. The room has its own entrance as pictured, with disabled access from a little higher on St Peter's Gate. Look out for the Gateway sign on the door. Simply ring the door-bell when you arrive and one of us will greet you.