Connecting People

Living with a mental health issue can be a lonely experience. Notts Peer To Peer Network is here to help you connect.
Our focus is all about bringing people together. Most of us at the Network have been touched by mental illness in one way or another. Some of us are in recovery, others are just beginning their journey out of the darkness.
As many as one in four people experience depression, anxiety or stress related illness at some time in their lives. We really understand how it feels and that's what makes us and our network so special. Peer support means helping each other, sharing experiences and information, listening with understanding and all the while respecting your privacy and anonymity.

Looking After Each Other

Discover the Gateway Drop-In.
Whatever mental health issues you face and wherever you are in your journey to recovery, having the companionship of other people can be immensely comforting. Notts Peer To Peer Network's weekly Gateway Drop-In is a wonderful way to make new friends in a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere.
Relevant, local information, all in one place.
Whenever we discover something that's helped us then we want to share it. This makes Notts Peer To Peer Network a great place to begin your search and find out about mental health services, self-help and training opportunites in Nottinghamshire. Learn about some of our partner organisations too.

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