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Directgov has been replaced

QMC Mental Health Wards To Relocate To Highbury Hospital?

Why 3,000 middle-aged men die by suicide each year

Alcohol Related Consultancies (ARC)


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Happy New Year

Antum Salimoun (Arabic); Xin Nian Kuai Le (Chinese); Bonne Annee (French); Prosit Neujahr (German); Naye Varsha Ki Shubhkamanyen (Hindi); Felice Anno Nuovo (Italian); Akimashite Omedeto Gozaimasu (Japanese); Szczesliwego Nowego Roku (Polish); Nav Sal Di Mubarak (Punjabi); S Novim Godom (Russian); Feliz Ano Nuevo (Spanish); Chuc Mung Tan Nien (Vietnamese)

To all in Nottinghamshire and everywhere

Remembering People Who Have Died In 2012 ~ Mental Health Field

Some People Who Had An Influence On The Mental Health And Wellbeing, Now Gone

Dr Daniel Stern: Born August 16th 1934, in New York, died November 12th 2012 (aged 78), in Geneva, Switzerland. 'A prominent American psychiatrist and psychoanalytic theorist, specializing in infant development, on which he had written a number of books - most notably "The Interpersonal World of the Infant" (1985).' The Telegraph obituary:

Dr Peter Kennedy: Born 1941 in Bradford, England, died October 27th 2012 (aged 71), at home in York, England. 'In 1994 he co-led the Mental Health Task Force London Project which followed the Clunis enquiry.' ('a Department of Health response to the strong criticisms in the Clunis report of 1994, following the death of Jonathan Zito, who was killed in a London tube station by Christopher Clunis while he was suffering from schizophrenia'). Peter Kennedy in conversation with Alan Kerr: (PDF file). The Guardian obituary:

Susan Elizabeth Parkinson: Born January 8th 1925 in Calcutta, India, died October 15th 2012 (aged 87), in hospital. A 'teacher who saw the creative potential in dyslexics and campaigned to have their talents recognised' 'She 'helped found, in 1992, the Arts Dyslexia Trust (ADT), an organisation which had a significant impact on attitudes to the condition both in Europe and America.' The Telegraph obituary:

Dr. Thomas Szasz: Born April 15th 1920 in Budapest, Hungary, died September 8th 2012 (aged 92), at home in Manlius, New York. 'A psychiatrist whose 1961 book “The Myth of Mental Illness” questioned the legitimacy of his field and provided the intellectual grounding for generations of critics, patient advocates and antipsychiatry activists, making enemies of many fellow doctors' (New York Times).The Telegraph obituary:

Professor Ian Oswald: Born August 4th 1929, in London, England, died April 25th 2012 (aged 82), at home Innerleithen, Scotland. He 'was an expert on patterns of sleep and sleepwalking; in 1994 he was a co-defendant in one of the costliest libel cases in British history after an American drugs company sued him and the BBC over claims that it had misled regulators over the possibly dangerous side-effects of the popular sleeping pill Halcion.' 'Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Edinburgh University, best-known as "the founding father" of sleep research in the UK.' He was a Foundation Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The Telegraph obituary:

If you know of anybody who has passed away in 2012 and would like to add to these people, on both the 'experts by profession' and 'experts by experience', please send them to: Some people cross both these 'expert' categories.

On a smaller scale, but just as important to the people involved, there are many more people who have shared their skills/talents and positive contributions to their own communities. People living with, recovering or recovered, from mental health issues and carers, whos names we don't know, but are remembered here too. And thank you to all the people who continue the work that these and other people have developed.

Super Surgery On Wilford Lane ~ West Bridgford

£8 Million Super Surgery For Around 28,000 Registered Patients

'Four GP practices will be merged and relocated - Ludlow Hill Surgery, Trent Bridge Medical Practice, Compton Acres Medical Centre and Southview Surgery - and in addition Musters Medical Practice, operating as a separate practice, will also be relocated.'

The five practices have around 28,000 registered patients

The application for building was approved at the Rushcliffe Borough Council's development planning committee on the 12th December 2012. (See the application, below)

The health trust says the work is expected to begin in May 2013.

Some people think the location is in the wrong place and a Campaign group 'Patients Against Surgeries Move' (PASM) had presented councillors with an alternative plan ahead of the meeting.

Notts Primary Care Trust information about the new super surgery:

'This is Nottingham' reports:

Previous 'This is Nottingham' story: 'Patients 'vote with their feet' to avoid long trek to new surgery':

(No mention of how this will affect people with mental health issues)

Planning Application

See the planning application, including an Ordnance Survey map, letters of representation from interested parties, etc.

Reference: 12/01380/FUL

Location: Land North Of 97 Wilford Lane, West Bridgford. In the ward of Compton Acres

Applicant: Dr's Page, Singh, Sharma, Bratt & McCulloch

Documents relating to this project: 12/01380/FUL:

Planning permission for the Wilford Lane GP “Supersurgery” was officially granted on the 21st May 2013 by Rushcliffe Borough Council, with conditions

To see the consultations, plans and drawings go to Scribd website:

'Growing Recovery ~ 101 Ways to Facilitate Recovery'

A Wonderful Picture Using A Tree To Depict Facilitating Recovery

In the picture, the roots include:


The trunk has 9 branches:


* A mental health consumer is a person who is using, or has used, mental health services

To see Wikipedia's history of the term, click here:

These 9 branches contain 101 ways to facilitate recovery

To see the list of '101 Ways to Facilitate Recovery', go to NP2PN Recovery page:

To preview 'The Growing Recovery' poster (Office of Mental Health Research & Training, The University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare, co-designed by Priscilla Ridgway, PhD and Diane McDiarmid) click the link below:

A Look At NHCT Annual Report 2011/12

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Annual Report 2011/12

To go the NHCT Annual Report, follow this link: (PDF file)

The annual report is 70 pages long and its contents is divided into the following sections:

Pages 4-5: Introduction; pages 6-13: Executive Reports; pages 14-18: Involvement; pages 19-34: News from the Year; pages 34-35: Trust Board; pages 36-45: Performance; pages 46-67: Summary Financial Statement; pages 68-69: Notes; and page 70: Glossary.

It includes some of the following:

The 1st of April saw the transfer of community services and 2,500 staff into the County Health Partnerships

Ruth Hawkins, Executive Director of Finance and Performance and Deputy Chief Executive, said, 'The Trust’s income has significantly increased this year, from £297m at the start of 2011/12 to £419m* at the end of 2011/12. This is due to the implementation of new contracts for business awarded following successful tender processes. These include Offender Health services, Improving Access to Psychological Therapies in Nottingham City and community services for Nottinghamshire County and Bassetlaw. Nearly 3,000 staff have transferred to the Trust as a result of this, with a large increase in the number and range of services we provide, all of which have an impact on our spend.'

Additional Information:

The Trust's Income has reduced by £7million from the end of the 2011/12 period to the 2012/13 period:


* £419m down to £412m. See 'Description' part

* The Annual report gives the figure at the end of 2011/12 as £419m. In another place, probably produced latter, in supplementary information for an Administrator job (job ref: 186-L266T1274933 closing date 3rd Jan 2013)), the job ad says 'The Trust has an income of £412m for 2012/13 and employs over 8800 staff to provide these services.'

(£7m less than in the NHCT 2011/12 Annual Report ~ Where have the £7m in savings been made?) The pay for a Mental Health Nurse or Community Psychiatric Nurse currently (as of 31/12/2012) ranges from £21,176pa to £27,625pa. £7m would pay for between 253 to 330 nurses. This is just an example and these savings have come from many other things too. A list of any redundancies, cuts in specific services or other places would be useful on the Notts Healthcare NHS Trust's website. Or savings made by contracting out services, or improved procurement.

Back to the Annual Report 2011/12

From the performance pages: '2011/12: PALS Activity, Learning and Feedback' page 42:

'During 2011/12, the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) responded to a total of 1,143 requests for advice and assistance, a 15% increase on the previous year. In addition PALS recorded 153 compliments from the public about staff and services. PALS contacts took the form of telephone calls to the 0800 number, letters, emails and comment cards.

In 2012/13, work will continue to improve the visibility of PALS at Trust sites. In addition, steps are being taken to integrate feedback from complaints and PALS contacts with comments from the Service User Carer Experience survey and the Patient Opinion website so that patients’ experience helps to shape and improve local health services.

The PALS service for Health Partnerships has previously been/or currently is provided by the commissioning organisations (NHS Nottinghamshire County and Bassetlaw PCT). Health Partnerships is looking to secure funding for this service to be transferred to the Provider organisation in order to provide a full PALS service. Customer Relations currently responds to enquiries, concerns and compliments as they arise. Unfortunately, at the time of reporting, complete data for PALS activity undertaken is not available for Health Partnerships, but IT systems are being coordinated to enable Health Partnerships to input complaints, enquiries, concerns and compliments from 2012/13 ensuring it will be consistent with Trustwide reporting systems.'

(More news on finances and performance in future News snippets on NP2PN)

Please have a look at the news item: 'Notts Healthcare NHS Trust ~ 510 Stories, So Far, On 'Patient Opinion' 2 stories below this one

If you have something to let Notts Healthcare know go to Patient Opinion website:

Also, you can leave your comments on NP2PN's free to join Forum:

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  • Plus the regular chill out page, including the first crossword puzzle with a mental health theme.

Most content in the e-Newsletter can not be found elsewhere on the NP2PN website

Notts Healthcare NHS Trust ~ 510 Stories, So Far, On 'Patient Opinion'

91 'Inpatient Mental Health Care' Stories At Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

There are hundreds of post about Notts Healthcare NHS Trust, but here are some related to inpatient care, in the table given below

To see the full list of posts (510 stories, as of December 14th 2012) go to this link:

Table (below) of Notts Healthcare NHS Trust's 'Inpatient Mental Health Care' stories on 'Patient Opinion' (91 stories as of December 2012)

"You can have a laugh with them"

These are links to stories posted on 'Patient Opinion' about Notts Healthcare NHS Trust Inpatient Mental Health Care

The most recent are at the top of the table with the oldest at the foot of the table

91 stories told; 259 staff listening at this mental health trust; 15 stories have led to changes

(As of December 2012)


Add your story online at:

Patient Opinion

Replies can also be found on the Patient Opinion website

To go to 'Patient Opinion' webpages relating to Notts Healthcare NHS Trust, click here:

Services within Notts Healthcare NHS Trust on 'Patient Opinion', with the number of stories in each category, as of December 15th 2012:

Adult mental health: (157 stories told
Assertive outreach: (no stories)
Carer services: (no stories)
Child and adolescent mental health: (19 stories told)
Crisis resolution: (6 stories told)
Early intervention: (2 stories told)
Forensic mental health: (20 stories told)
Homeless mental health: (no stories)
Inpatient mental health care: (91 stories told - see table above)
Intensive mental health care (Psychiatric intensive care): (1 story told)
Learning Disabilities (Learning disability): (15 stories told)
Liaison psychiatry: (no stories)
Mental health around the time of childbirth (Perinatal psychiatry): (1 story told)
Older people's mental health: (37 stories told)
Primary care mental health: (no stories)
Psychological therapies (Clinical psychology): (no stories)
Psychotherapy: (no stories)
Services for drug or alcohol addiction (Addiction services): (37 stories told)

'Positive December 2012 Newsletter' ~ Ali's Story Of Hope

(A large PDF file)

Ali: 'Keeping Active Keeps Me Well'

Notts Healthcare NHS Trust's December 2012 'Positive' newsletter is now available. On page 30 is a story about Ali (a service user) and his experience of being helped by the Social Inclusion and Wellbeing Team

Ali was 'encouraged to go to SPAN (a former base for the Social Inclusion and Wellbeing service),initially taking up gardening.'

He then became interested in catering and after SPAN closed, in March 2011 moved to Focus at Aspley.

To read the full story about Ali, please see page 30 of the December 'Positive' newsletter.

Positive December 2012 Newsletter: (A large PDF file)

To find out more about Focus, click here:

To learn more about the Social Inclusion and Wellbeing Service, go to the Trust's webpage:

(The Notts Healthcare NHS Trust's webpage still gives SPAN as the contact address)

Visit Santa

Some Places To Visit Santa

If you want to visit Santa at one of his many grottos this year, here's where to find him:

VICTORIA CENTRE, Nottingham, Upper Mall: Until December 24th

You can book your visit in advance at: (£1 booking fee applies)

Or just turn up on the day. Visit and gift cost: £3.95 per child

BROADMARSH CENTRE, Nottingham, Ground floor: Until December 24th


'Meet Santa and his friendly elves in a fabulous new "4D" grotto experience'

Visit and gift cost: £2.95 per child , accompanying adult £2, family ticket

FOUR SEASONS SHOPPING CENTRE, Mansfield: Until December 24th


'Your chance to see Santa and his elves in the grotto, with late-night opening on Thursdays'

Visit and gift cost: £3.50.

RUFFORD ABBEY COUNTRY PARK, Ollerton, Notts, Craft Centre Courtyard: Weekends only until December 23rd


'Ride the train to see Santa in his special grotto at this lovely "North Pole" setting'

Cost: £5 per child and £2 for accompanying adults

SUNDOWN ADVENTURELAND, Retford, Notts: Until December 24th


'Santa will be taking up residence as part of the theme park's Christmas Spectacular. You can enjoy all the rides, seasonal entertainment and a visit to the grotto, with a gift for kids aged 2-10 years'

Cost: Adults and kids over two years £11

WHEELGATE PARK, Farnsfield, Notts: Until December 23rd


'The park will be transformed into a magical Christmas wonderland and you can ride the express train to see Santa in his grotto'

Cost: Adults and children £7.50; visit to Santa £3.95 per child, with present

FLORALANDS GARDEN VILLAGE, Lambley, Notts: Open Fri-Mon until December 24th


Visit the winter wonderland

Cost: £4.95 per child, which includes a small gift. Breakfast with Santa (Fridays only): £7.95 (need to pre-book)

WHEATCROFT GARDEN CENTRE, Edwalton, Notts: Until December 24th


'Visit Santa in his magnificent grotto': Cost: £7.99 per child

SHERWOOD FOREST COUNTRY PARK, Notts: Until December 16th


'Meet St Nicholas in his medieval-style grotto every weekend': Cost: £5 per child, inc. gift

(Please check with venues for recent information)

Also, read the news item: 'Look After Your Mental Health At Christmas' Below

The Stand Up Kid


Anti-Bullying, Anti-Stigma Film Aimed At Young People

'A short film, called ‘The Stand Up Kid’, aimed at stamping out the stigma of mental illness faced by young people. In the clip, a teen named Michael returns to sarcastic comments and barbs from the teacher and classmates, after being away for two weeks. As class begins, he literally stands up on his chair and starts off a routine with "How many teachers does it take to change a light bulb"; The jokes turn much darker as Michael begins to reveal his battle with depression'

For the YouTube video and information, please click here:

Look After Your Mental Health At Christmas

Notts Healthcare NHS Trust's Tips For Staying Mentally Healthy During The Holidays

The six main tips fall into the following categories:

1) Shopping and preparations

2) Money

3) Family and Friends

4) Food and Drink

5) Be active

6) Relax

They say:

'If you find yourself unwell or are worried about someone else please see your GP or contact NHS direct on 0845 4647 who will be able to refer you to local services or contact The Samaritans on 08457 909090.'

To see the full information, go to:

Related Items

'The ultimate guide to surviving Christmas' by Dr Luisa Dillner (07-12-10) ~ The Guardian:

Money For 'MINDSET' Based At The Middle Street Resource Centre

Sainsbury's Community Grant Scheme

Sainsbury's Beeston has handed over £100 to good causes. The money was given to MINDSET, based at the Middle Street Resource Centre

'The money will help to provide a gardening group with new tools and seeds.'

'The donation was made through the Sainsbury's Community Grant scheme, funded by sales of its "Bags for Life"'

Please go to 'This is Nottingham' news:

MINDSET ~ A Brief History:

An article for the 'Beeston Express' ~ 2nd March 2012 ~ page 6: Called: MINDSET: (PDF file)

'MINDSET ‘Mental Health, Creativity and Wellbeing’ is a recently formed charity based at Middle Street Resource Centre, Beeston in a building provided and cared for by Nottinghamshire County Council for the welfare of persons with mental health problems.'

'Due to government cuts, the County Council has initiated a co-production scheme with MindSet, who will provide all the rest of the services to the members and soon with reduced staffing.'

'MindSet is dedicated to continuing the provision of all the many activities undertaken at the centre whilst also providing mental health care by providing mutual support; self help groups, volunteers and help from other agencies. Currently there are 197 members.'

'However, MindSet is not inward looking and would like to expand and encourage all people with mental health difficulties within Broxtowe and its environs to make use of our services and building.'

On the therapeutic side, there are three groups: Paranoia, Hearing Voices and Anxiety, and Depression. There is a very active music group who perform locally (see ‘Meerkats at the Greyhound Inn’ on page 8) and make recordings, jewellery making, walking, woodwork, belly dancing and others too numerous to mention. The only qualification is to be a member of MindSet, which is free, and to come along to the Resource Centre. A spokesman for the group said: “We are a very caring and welcoming group and will soon dispel all the myths and stigma attached to mental health. In addition, we have professionally-made hot meals for lunch and there are hot drinks on tap."'

Contact can be made by phoning the Centre at 0115 925 2516

Or the chairman, Michael Osborne, on 07890 871 769 or at mindset.

'The Daily Stigma' - By MIND

Not The News You Were Expecting?

A revisit to an earlier story, still affecting many with mental health issues

'A spoof paper ~ 'The Daily Stigma' has been produced by the mental health charity Mind to highlight how people claiming sickness benefits, particularly those with mental health problems, are being unfairly demonised by parts of the press'

The Daily Stigma:

Guardian Article:

Related Items

Welfare reform anxiety making people ill:

'Mind warns that the national rollout of benefits reassessment is causing widespread distress amongst Incapacity Benefit (IB) claimants with mental health problems'

MIND ~ 'Uncomfortable Truths':

Previous NP2PN News item: 'Benefit Reviews and Mental Health':

(An in depth and longer article, than usual, because of the effects this subject is having on people with mental health issues)

Local Related Item

From Notts Healthcare NHS Trust 'Positive' (November 2012 issue) newsletter ~ a recent news item:

'Benefits Review ~ Your Stories Wanted':

(see the article on page 20 of the November issue of 'Postive')

: Tim Wood is moving from the National Health Service to support people in the voluntary sector - see Nottingham Focus On Wellbeing (NFOW)

(Hopefully this important work will be carried forward at NHCT, after Tim's departure)

Paige Bramley Helps NP2PN

Self Help Nottingham Gives Advice To Notts Peer To Peer Network

Paige Bramley is part of Self Help Nottingham's, Groups Training and Development Team

Paige spent some time with a small group from the NP2PN team to clarify areas of help needed

NP2PN Committee would like to thank Paige for her time and the help she offered

Founded 1st January 1982. Registered Charity number: 1061691

Self Help Nottingham assists groups in their development

If you have a group or are thinking of setting up a self help group, contact them at:

Self Help Nottingham, Ormiston House, 32-36 Pelham Street, Nottingham NG1 2EG

For information about self help groups: 0115 911 1661 (Mon-Fri: 9am until 1pm)

Minicom: 0115 911 1655

For all other services: 0115 911 1662 (Mon-Thurs: 9am-5.00pm; Fri: 9am-4.30pm)

Fax: 0115 911 1660

Self Help Nottingham website:

Nottingham Counselling Service Hit By Budget Cuts

Registered charity No: 104546. Company Limited by Guarantee, Reg No: 2948386

'Nottingham Counselling Service Faces A £67,000 Funding Shortfall'

BBC News Nottingham: 'An East Midlands counselling service that helps hundreds of people annually is facing a funding crisis, managers say.'

'Nottingham Counselling Service faces a £67,000 funding shortfall because of public sector funding cuts.'

'...The service stopped taking new clients in August (2012), spokesman Leslie McDonald said.'

To see the BBC news item by Tom Brown, click here:

'This is Nottingham news report' by Delia Monk:

Visit Nottingham Counselling Service website:

New YouTube Video For The Gateway

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) Produces YouTube Video For The Gateway

Now that the Gateway (drop-in) is in its second year, there is a video available on the NP2PN YouTube channel

Someone Will Always Be There To Welcome You

Carers Are Welcome Too

Here it is below:


It has also been placed on the NP2PN 'Home' page and in the Gateway entry on the 'Info' page

To see the other NP2PN YouTube videos, please click here:

Information about the Gateway:

Benefits Review ~ Your Stories Wanted

Help And Support Through The Benefit Review Process

'Have you or a friend or family member accessed the new employment support allowance (ESA)? The Trust is aware that the recent national health-related benefits review is leading to changes to employment benefits which are affecting people in different ways. Our Mental Health and Employment Community of Interest is looking at what we may be able to offer to help support people through this process.'

'If you or someone close to you has been affected by the changes we’d like to hear about your experiences.'

'To tell us your story please email: or write to Tim Wood, The Ivy Suite, Highbury Hospital, Nottingham NG6 9DR.

(NP2PN: see important update below)

For the November issue of Notts Healthcare NHS Trust's 'Positive' magazine:

(see the above article on page 20 of the November issue of 'Postive')

: Tim Wood is moving from the National Health Service to support people in the voluntary sector - see Nottingham Focus On Wellbeing (NFOW)

(Hopefully this important work will be carried forward at NHCT, after Tim's departure)

Schizophrenia ~ The Abandoned Illness

(A PDF file)

An Independent Commission On Schizophrenia And Psychosis

By The Schizophrenia Commission

The Schizophrenia Commission is an independent group set up and funded by Rethink Mental Illness (Registered charity number 271028).

'The result of our commission has been a year-long inquiry and consolidation of evidence.'

'The Schizophrenia Commission was established in November 2011 by Rethink Mental Illness. The independent Commission was made up of 14 experts who have worked together to review how outcomes for people with schizophrenia and psychosis can be improved and it was chaired by the eminent psychiatrist, Professor Sir Robin Murray.'


'What does our report mean for psychiatrists?' 'People with psychosis also need to be given the hope that it is perfectly possible to live a fulfilling life after a diagnosis of schizophrenia or psychosis' ~ Professor Sir Robin Murray, Chair of the Schizophrenia Commission

'What does our report mean for GPs?' 'I am determined that our new enhanced training will better equip the next generation of GPs to support patients with schizophrenia.' ~ Dr Clare Gerada, Chair of the Royal College of GPs

What does our report mean for Directors of Adult Social Services?' 'Make sure you know how CCGs are addressing mental health commissioning. Use this report to help them test their thinking.' ~ Jonathan Phillips, former Director of Adult Social Services. CCGs are Clinical Commissioning Groups ~ See NP2PN 'Info' page on your local CCG's in Nottm & Notts:

'What does our report mean for nurses?' '…people who access services and their families find the relationship they have with CPNs more helpful than that with psychiatrists or psychologists' ~ Terry Bowyer, mental health campaigner and activist

Personal Perspectives:

'As well as gathering evidence via the surveys and events, we received submissions from people wishing to share their recovery stories, and family member experiences.'

Here are some of the testimonies:

Contents of the report:


The Report ~ 'The Abandoned Illness':

The Schizophrenia Commission website:

The Guardian ~ 'Catastrophic' failings in schizophrenia care revealed:

Coming Off Psychiatric Medication Course

Making Waves was founded in January 2003

Beginning Thursday 22nd November 2012 ~ For 8 Weeks

Taking place at Making Waves office: 70 Carlton Road, Sneinton, Nottingham NG3 2AP

Time: 3.30pm-5.30pm

Google map:


'The aim of the course is for all participants to have prepared a plan for their future withdrawal from psychiatric medication'

  • The programme is open to anyone thinking about coming off their psychiatric medication
  • At the end of week 1 we will be asking people to make a commitment to attending all the other sessions
  • There will be a regular support group available after the finish of the course
  • The programme will vary according to the needs and interests of those involved

Week 1 ~ Introduction to course

An overview of the course and a feel for what it might be like.

Week 2 ~ Support

Thinking about where our support comes from now and other places we might get help and support. Telling people close to us and the issues that raises.

Week 3 ~ Dealing with difficult feelings/emotions

How can we deal with difficult feelings that might start coming up as we withdraw and dealing with withdrawal effects. Dealing with past hurt.

Week 4 ~ Dealing with difficult feelings/emotions 2

Thinking about some strategies and techniques we can use to try and adjust.

Week 5 ~ Practicalities of withdrawal

Looking at issues such as the length of time drugs remain within our system, how to reduce gradually, and getting expert advice for this.

Week 6 ~ Personal planning

Thinking about what we might want to include in our own withdrawal plans and who we might want to share them with.

Week 7 ~ Different ways of understanding

A chance to discuss different ways of understanding 'mental illness' and what that might mean for us.

Week 8 ~ Brining it all together

A chance to bring people who may be involved in your support (family, friends, workers, etc). We will discuss how they may best support you and try and deal with any concerns and issues they might have.

To book a place please contact:

Christine Collinson: 0115 955 5360 or 0790 0160 541

Torsten Shaw: 0115 950 5996 or 0785 3309 724

Christine Collinson, a clinical psychologist with Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust with a particular interest in this area

Torsten Shaw , project leader for Making Waves:

Previous news entry on NP2PN, 'Information Session ~ Thinking About Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs?':

NP2PN Important Notice For All Visitors

You can leave your views on the NP2PN Forum

Directgov Replaced


Directgov Replaced By GOV.UK

The Government's website Directgov, where it puts all its information for the public has been replaced by the new GOV.UK website

It was replaced on the 17th October 2012

Some content that was available on the old website may not be available on the new GOV.UK website

For example, on the old Directgov website, there was a webpage called 'Mental health and work' which is no longer available. However it can be viewed on the National Archieves website. See the table below:

Directgov has been replaced
On 17 October 2012 the Directgov website was replaced by GOV.UK
GOV.UK does not cover every piece of content that used to be found on Directgov. The page you are looking for is probably one of these.
Essential government services and information can be found at GOV.UK
A copy of the page you were looking for can be found on The National Archives website, however it will not be updated after 17 October 2012.

The above information was given when an attempt to open a previous webpage failed. The previous webpage is still available, but only through the National Archives website. The information related to 'Mental health and work'.

If you click on the 'The National Archives website' (in orange) above, you will see the old Directgov webpage with the information

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) has links to information on anti-discrimination legislation, on the Training page, which changed after the Directgov was replaced by the GOV.UK portal

These links have been updated and can be found by clicking this link:

Paid, Voluntary, & Education/Training Opportunities

Opportunities Ahead ~ On The Way To The Forum

On Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) main Forum Board, there is a specific Forum called 'Paid, Voluntary, & Education/Training Opportunities'

It has topics with links to various colleges and their prospectuses. It also has links to sites dedicated to help in finding voluntary and paid work

Go to the 'Paid, Voluntary, & Education/Training Opportunities' Forum:

Some of the topics on that Forum include:

Jobs And Skills Search

Student Voices ~ SPAN/Nottingham Recovery College

Prospectus For Portland College

Prospectuses For Vision West Notts College

Prospectuses For South Nottingham College

Prospectuses For New College Nottingham

Volunteering Opportunities

Notts Healthcare Trust Current Vacancies

Prospectus Of New Courses At The Nottm Recovery College

Also, see Notts Peer To Peer Network's Training page for many more topics and information, including some of the following: 'Discrimination: your rights'; Workplace stress; and some of the main colleges support services

For the Training page Index, please click here:

Movie Ticket Radio ~ Chill Out

From Hollywood USA ~ Music From The Movies

Music for relaxation

Relax and listen to music from the movies

There is a Pop or Classic version to choose from

'They are a "live" demonstration directed to broadcasters who are invited to hear how the format versions might sound on their terrestrial or satellite radio stations.'

For the Movie Ticket Radio website, click this link:

(You may need a plugin to listen to the music)

For the Movie Ticket Radio page:

For the Movie Ticket Radio page:

Or see this and many more radio stations via '' website:

Additional Information:


Music 'releases mood-enhancing chemical in the brain'

'Music releases a chemical in the brain that has a key role in setting good moods, a study has suggested.

The study, reported in Nature Neuroscience, found that the chemical was released at moments of peak enjoyment.

Researchers from McGill University in Montreal said it was the first time that the chemical - called dopamine - had been tested in response to music.'

BBC News article: 'Music 'releases mood-enhancing chemical in the brain':

Also see the Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) 'Chill Out' page

It has additional information: 'Emotion and Music':

Talk By Michelle Jacklin Of Macmillan Cancer Support

Michelle Jacklin Talks About Cancer Awareness At The Gateway Drop In

Michelle, from Macmillan Cancer Support came to give a talk (31/10/2012). There were a smaller group of members present than usual, as some were unable to attend due to other commitments, like attending new classes at the Recovery College, family commitments, or household maintenance. However, those present found the information very helpful and Michelle presented her talk in an interactive way. This got the group asking questions. We were shown some cards with pictures of possible influences upon the development of cancer. The obvious ones such as smoking were there, but others were less obvious. In the end we found out that smoking and genetic factors are two of the factors that have an higher influence on a person's chances of developing cancer, along with older age.

Diet, exercise, weight and other factors, were looked at and we also saw connections with these and mental health issues as well.

Michelle also said she learnt from us too and was interested in working with us again in the future.

The Gateway group would like to thank Michelle for coming along to talk to us

Macmillan Cancer Care website:

Macmillan Helpline: 0808 808 00 00

If you have any questions about cancer, need support or just someone to talk to, call free, Monday to Friday 9am-8pm (interpretation service available)

Cancer and depression:

The Gateway drop in is a friendly, mental health, peer-run support group, which meets every week on a Wednesday, between 1.30pm and 3.30pm

For more information about the Gateway drop in, please click here:

Venue: Gateway drop in, St James's Room, St Peter's Church, St Peter's Gate, Nottingham NG1 2NW

The nearest car park is on Fletcher Gate:

Or the Broadmarsh car park next to the Broadmarsh shopping centre:

Student Voices ~ Your Voices ~ Needed For Research Project

SPAN ~ Former SPAN entrance

SPAN was based at Foster Drive, Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 3FL

Recovery educational establishments ~ All were/are run by Notts Healthcare NHS Trust. The Recovery College (below, right) is the current one in Nottingham. (See 'A brief history of the Nottingham Recovery College,' below this news item)

Former Nottingham Recovery Education Centre (above)

Nottingham Recovery College (above)

Former base of the Nottingham Recovery Education Centre at 702 Mansfiled Road, Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 3FW
Nottingham Recovery College at the back of Duncan Macmillan House (headquarters of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust)

Dr Jane McGregor Wants To Hear Of Your Educational Experiences

Have you been to any of these: SPAN, Nottingham Recovery Education Centre, and the renamed/relocated Nottingham Recovery College. What were/are your educational experiences at these venues?

Dr. Jane McGregor, a researcher based in Cambridge, is currently working on a small project to investigate the Nottingham Recovery College as an educational organisation (commissioned by Notts Healthcare NHS Trust)

She has been looking at the beginnings of the Nottingham Recovery College, via SPAN and the Nottingham Recovery Education Centre

Jane would like anyone who would be prepared to talk/communicate with her about their experiences at all or any of the venues, in terms of educational experiences to contact her

Dr. Jane McGregor's email:

Notts Peer To Peer Network has also created a topic on the Forum for you to join in too:

Education Research website:

An example of Dr Jane McGregor's previous work

A paper by Dr Jane McGregor and Michael Fielding presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Conference (AERA), Montreal, Canada, 11-15 April 2005, called: 'Deconstructing student voice: new spaces for dialogue or new opportunities for surveillance?':

A brief history of the Nottingham Recovery College

The college, originally called the Nottingham Recovery Education Centre, was based at 702 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham. It opened in May 2011, following the closure of SPAN, Foster Drive, Sherwood, in March 2011.
SPAN (Skills and Practical Activities Network) was an education & training centre, which had a job club on site. The SPAN centre was for people recovering from mental health difficulties.
The move of the Nottingham recovery college to it's new base at Duncan Macmillan House, Porchester Road, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 6AA (the headquarters of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust) was in February 2012.
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is responsible for the Nottingham recovery college. It previously also ran SPAN.

For information on the evolution of the Nottingham Recovery College, click this link:

The Recovery College is now into its fifth term: Autumn 2012 Term Prospectus (Sept to Dec 2012) and you can see all their prospectuses, by clicking the link here:

For information about SPAN:

You can join Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) Forum, for free, and leave your comments there too:

Or email your experiences to NP2PN:

Another way of expressing your views is via 'Patient Opinion':

Individual Placement And Support (IPS) Into Employment

Notts Healthcare NHS Trust IPS Team Helping People Back Into Employment

'The team works with service users who want to find work and to help them decide what they want to do, apply for work and access appropriate support. They also support employers and advise them on any adjustments the service user may need.'

See the article in Notts Healthcare NHS Trust's September 2012 'Positive' newsletter, entitled:

'Employment service supports final recovery step' (page 9) ~ (PDF file)

Or The IPS article in the Sept 2012 'Positive' newsletter
'For many service users getting back into employment after mental ill health is a very tough challenge, but in many cases it is the final step to a full recovery.'

For more information about the IPS service contact Mel Simpson: 0115 956 0802

(Mel used to teach catering skills at SPAN, until it closed in March 2011, when he transferred to this current role in the IPS team)

Or email:

Notts Healthcare's website information about IPS:

IPS has eight key elements/principles: 1) It aims to get people into competitive employment; 2) It is open to all those who want to work; 3) It tries to find jobs consistent with people's preferences; 4) It works quickly; 5) It brings employment specialists into clinical teams; 6) It provides time unlimited, individualised support for the person and their employer; 7) Benefits counselling is included; 8) Employment specialists develop relationships with employers based upon a person's work preferences

Centre for Mental Health information on Individual Placement and Support (IPS) ~

Additional Information

'Doing what works ~ Individual placement and support into employment': (PDF file)

A briefing paper written by Bob Grove, Helen Lockett, Geoff Shepherd, Jenni Bacon (Employment Programme) and Miles Rinaldi, Head of Recovery and Social Inclusion at South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust. (2009)

'Employability interventions for people with mental health problems': (PDF file)

Jenni Bacon, Bob Grove, Centre for Mental Health, London (2010)

Mindful Employer website:

Mindful Employer is open to any employer in the UK, whether small, medium or large, private, public or voluntary sector

Learning from the USA experiences

Dartmouth IPS Supported Employment Center (in the USA)

Where there is a large amount of information about IPS :

Including many personal stories in their newsletters

Talk At The Gateway Drop In, Nottingham ~ 31/10/2012

Talk From Macmillan Cancer Support ~ Wednesday 31st October 2012

Michelle Jacklin, from Macmillan Cancer Support gave a talk about cancer awareness

We listened and joined in with Michelle's interactive presentation

The Gateway drop in is a friendly, mental health, peer-run support group, which meets every week on a Wednesday, between 1.30pm and 3.30pm

For more information about the Gateway drop in, please click here:

Venue: Gateway drop in, St James's Room, St Peter's Church, St Peter's Gate, Nottingham NG1 2NW

The nearest car park is on Fletcher Gate:

Or the Broadmarsh car park next to the Broadmarsh shopping centre:

Talk date and time: Wednesday 31st October at 2pm (the Gateway opens at 1.30pm)

Macmillan Cancer Care website:

Macmillan Helpline: 0808 808 00 00

If you have any questions about cancer, need support or just someone to talk to, call free, Monday to Friday 9am-8pm (interpretation service available)

Cancer and depression:


Alfie's Story

Chill Out Page Additions ~ Transport Links

Major Public Transport Links In Nottingham And Nottinghamshire (and beyond)

Going Out

To get to the places of interest around Nottingham city and county

Links by public transport in Nottingham, Notts , and beyond have been added to NP2PN Chill Out page, including the major operators:

Trains and Buses

East Midlands Trains

Nottingham City Transport

Nottingham Tram Service

Trent Barton Buses

Flying ~ Around the Uk and Abroad

East Midlands Airport

Chill Out page:

Scrooge The Pantomime

Spantomime Drama Club's 2012 Pantomime

The Spantomime players will be performing 'Scrooge The Pantomime'

The peformances will be on Friday 14th December 7-9pm and Saturday 15th December 3pm-5pm

The theatre at Aspley CTC

Tickets available (around £2.50)

They also welcome new members including actors, muscians, dancers, etc. They are often in need of front of house and back stage volunteers

They meet every other Thursday between 10am and 12 noon in the theatre at Aspley CTC

Address: Aspley Community and Training Centre, off Minver Crescent, opposite Sherbourne Road, Aspley, Nottingham NG8 5PN

Focus website:

Contact Tim at:

(On the 2nd and 3rd March 2013 they will be performing the play 'We Don't Have Two Heads' at a conference aimed at reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health issues)

Forest Legend Opens Tea Trolley Café

John McGovern, Forest football legend, Officially Opens The Tea Trolley Cafe

The Tea Trolley cafe was officially opened by former Nottingham Forest captain John McGovern (a patron of Nottingham Mencap). John McGovern was the captain of Forest football club when they won the European Cup twice (1979 and 1980), under the management of Brian Clough.

The Tea Trolley is a community tea room and a new partnership between South Nottingham College and Nottingham Mencap.

They are a social enterprise established to give Nottingham Mencap volunteers, college students and the people of Nottingham opportunites to gain valuable work experience and qualifications.

Specialising in homemade/handmade sandwiches, paninis, salads, cakes and cream teas. Vegan/veggie and gluten free diets catered for.

Address: The Tea Trolley, 4 Chapel Bar, Nottingham, NG1 6JQ (opposite Central Library)

Google map:

Tel: 0115 956 1130

The Tea Trolley cafe is open between 10am and 4pm, Tues-Sat

The Tea Trolley page:

Nottingham Mencap website:

Nottingham Mencap (Registered charity number: 1046081) is affiliated with the national charity but receives no financial support from this organisation

Mencap National website:

News stories about the cafe:
This Is Nottingham news about the Tea Trolley cafe:
Nottingham Mencap news about the Tea Trolley cafe:

South Nottingham College news about the Tea Trolley cafe:

Contact Emily Hyatt at South Nottingham College:

QMC Mental Health Wards To Relocate To Highbury Hospital?

A Report In The Nottingham POST Suggests A Move Of At Least One Ward

More changes: a report in the Nottingham POST (Monday, October 15th 2012, page 5)

'...In January (2013) the 20-bed B50 ward, for elderly people with mental health problems, will be relocated' (to a fully refurbished ward at Highbury hospital)

Ward A23 ' also expected to be relocated, but the trust (Notts Healthcare NHS Trust) said a final decision on this is yet to be made'

'...The QMC (Queen's Medical Centre) will keep its emergency department psychiatric wards'

A 'spokesman' for Notts Healthcare NHS Trust, when asked if the move would save money, he said "the move isn't about cost savings but best clinical practice."

For the full article go to the Nottingham Post website:

You can leave your comments about this on the Nottingham POST website, below the story

What's So Funny About Mental Illness ~ Ruby Wax


TED Talk ~ Filmed During June 2012 In Edinburgh

For mental health awareness weeks ~ Oct 8th-19th

Here is a talk from Ruby Wax (June 2012 in Edinburgh)

The TED Talks comments: 'Diseases of the body garner sympathy, says comedian Ruby Wax ~ except those of the brain. Why is that? With dazzling humour, Wax, diagnosed a decade ago with clinical depression, urges us to put an end to the stigma of mental illness.'

'Ruby Wax is a loud, funny woman ~ who spent much of her comedy career battling depression in silence. Now her work blends mental health advocacy and laughs.'

Link to Ruby's TED video talk:


Nottingham Recovery College ~ 'Positive October 2012 Newsletter' Front & Centre Pages

(A PDF file)

Recovery ~ Hope, Control, Opportunity ~ The Trust's Pledge

Notts Healthcare NHS Trust's commitment to continued support for people on their journey to recovery

In the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust's 'Positive October 2012' newsletter there is a front page picture of Julie Repper (Director of the Recovery College), Mike Cooke (Chief Executive of Notts Healthcare NHS Trust), Simon Smith (Executive Director Local Services), Scott Pomberth (student and Peer Trainer) and four others. The cake is being cut. It has the message: 'Nottingham Recovery College Launch 31st August 2012 Hope Control Opportunity'

The story continues on the centre pages of the same newsletter (pages 12-13), where Mike Cooke holds a pen above a poster, after signing 'the pledge marking the Trust’s commitment to continued support for people on their journey to recovery, and cut a cake in recognition of the excellent work achieved and dedication and hard work of all involved.' Julie Repper and Simon Smith also signed the pledge.

'More than 100 people attended the special event'

'The College has 600 students enrolled and provides 58 courses to help people with experience of mental health and physical health challenges to develop their skills, identify their goals and to support them to access opportunities.'

Julie Repper said, "We are already seeing the benefits of the College and how it is making a difference to people’s lives, supporting them on their journey towards recovery.”

(On 31st August 2012 Professor Mike Cooke launched the Trust’s official move of the Nottingham Recovery College and celebrated its new base at Duncan Macmillan House in Nottingham. The College was renamed and moved to its new premises in February 2012. The College was formerly called the Recovery Education Centre, based at 702 Mansfield Road in Sherwood, which opened in May 2011.

For information about all the courses at the Nottingham Recovery College, click here:

Or (A PDF file)

Previous History

Notts Peer To Peer Network has a page about the history behind and the creation of the Nottingham Recovery Education Centre/Recovery College:

Another page has information about SPAN (Skills and Practical Activities Network), based at Foster Drive, Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 3FL, which pre-dated the Recovery Education Centre: and had facilities for horticulture, catering and Information Technology training. SPAN was closed down at the end of March 2011. The Recovery Education Centre, based at 702 Mansfield Road in Sherwood opened in May 2011

To be sent a copy of the free 'Notts Peer To Peer Network e-Newsletter'

Please send your email address, saying you would like a copy, or complete the Contact Form

You will be sent a free copy, via email. It will contain additional content, that is not found elsewhere on this website and is interactive

Click for the

Horticulture Therapy At Highbury Hospital

Highbury Horticulture Group

'Highbury Hospital is to start a therapy-based horticultural group to aid patients’ recovery.'

'After 11 months of planning, Highbury Horticulture Group will start within the next four months, providing a curative environment for horticulture therapy. It is hoped it will be used by all patients and staff at Highbury and everyone has been actively involved in its set up.'

'...Construction of a polytunnel is being planned to ensure the group won’t just be seasonal.'

Also see pictures in the October newsletter, of the Rowan 2 (ward) garden in bloom, with beautiful flowers and other greenery, tended by ward manager Ruth Warren with support from colleagues.

See pages 8-9 of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust's 'Positive October 2012' newsletter: (A PDF file)

Address: Highbury Hospital, Highbury Road, Nottingham NG6 9DR

Google map for Notts Healthcare NHS Trust's Highbury Hospital:

Tel: 0115 977 0000

Other Information

Horticulture Information

See 'Other Information' below the Ecoworks Horticulture Course news item below this news story, which has 'Things that may be of help with horticulture studies.' These include: 'List of Garden Plants'; 'The Organic Gardener'; and 'Plant Nutrients'

Horticulture Course ~ Ecoworks

30 Week Course

City & Guilds Level 2 (0078) Horticulture Centre based course - Ecoworks

Starting Tuesday 30th October 2012

'30 week course leading to Level 2 Extended Certificate in Horticulture

This is a centre-based course with as much emphasis on theory as practice

Choose from either Tuesday mornings 9.00-12.30 or Tuesday evenings 6.00-9.30

It is expected that participants will contribute an equivalent amount of personal study

The cost of the course is £300'

Ecoworks website information:

For more information or to apply email:

Or call: 0115 962 2200

City & Guilds information: 'About this level: Level 2 is ideal if you 're new to horticulture or have some knowledge and basic skills. You want to develop your skills, perhaps to start work as a garden centre worker or groundskeeper or prepare for further training.'

City & Guilds Information:

Other Information

Things that may be of help with horticulture studies:

These include: 'List of Garden Plants'; 'The Organic Gardener'; and 'Plant Nutrients'

Information Session ~ Thinking About Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs?

Making Waves was founded in January 2003

Thursday 18th October 2012 ~ Information Session

Making Waves Are Running An 8 Week Course If You Want To Join It

In their leaflet, they say:

'We are running an 8-week course to explore the issues that coming off psychiatric drugs raises and support people to produce their own withdrawal plan.

The course will be led by:

Penny Arnold from Making Waves, who has long personal experience of withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.

Christine Collinson, a clinical psychologist with Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust with a particular interest in this area.

This meeting is for people to come and find out more about the course, and see if they want to join it.

After the course there will be a regular support group for those that have decided to withdraw.'

Date: Thursday 18th October 2012 ~ Information Session

Time: 5pm-6pm

Venue: Making Waves Office, Wedgwood House, 70 Carlton Road, Nottingham NG3 2AP

Google map:

For more details contact: 0115 950 5996

Or see:

From Making Waves website: 'Making Waves has been awarded funds through the Institute of Mental Health from it's Managed Innovation Network programme to work with Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust on a project to support people who want to come off psychiatric drugs.'

Other Information

Link to 'medication information':

Find out more about mental health conditions, treatments and medications from Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Link to that website click here:

NP2PN Important Notice For All Visitors

Lamp ~ Leicestershire Action For Mental Health Project

Registered Charity No. 702057


In Nottinghamshire's neighbouring county of Leicestershire, there is an organisation called 'LAMP ~ Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project.'

LAMP have a website called LAMPdirect, which is a community mental health site for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

Their website is designed to help people find the latest information on mental health. LAMP is based at Regent Road, Leicester

They have an online directory. The LAMP Directory gives you information on local and national mental health services. It includes voluntary and statutory services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

The site says: 'You can search for a mental health service using the LAMP Directory and get access to information whether your are using services, caring for someone in mental distress, are a mental health professional, or simply interested in mental health.'

Go to the LAMPdirect directory A-Z:

The LAMP 2012/13 printed directory:

(The 2012/13 edition costs £12.00, which includes postage and packing)

LAMPdirect home page:

Address: L A M P, 65, Regent Road, LEICESTER, LE1 6YF

Google Map:

Tel: 0116 255 6286

Fax: 0116 247 1073


Mental Health Booklet On Using Your Rights

As part of World Mental Health Day on Wednesday 10th October, LAMP are launching a new booklet giving help and advice about mental health services in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland area. The book aims to be an honest and useful guide on how to use your rights in the mental health system. It is called, 'From Here To Recovery':

Index To Information Listed On The Recovery Page

NP2PN Recovery Page Index

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) now has an Index of Information listed at the foot of the Recovery Page. It allows visitors landing on the Recovery page to get an idea of the recovery information listed

Click on the item in the Recovery Index and you will be taken to that point on the Recovery Page

During the compilation of the index, a couple of links were updated and some new information added. NP2PN regularly checks links and updates any that require changing. Also Mary O'Hagan was moved to go under New Zealand on the page and Caril Cowan was added. There is also a new link to a YouTube video of Dr Rachel Perkins OBE. If you find any broken links, please email NP2PN at the address below, with the name of the website:

To go to the Recovery page index, please click here:

'Slideshare ~ Present Yourself' ~ 6 Years Old On October 4th 2012

Online Resource: Find A Slide Show Related To Mental Health

A resource that has many presentations on a variety of subjects including mental health and wellbeing

Slideshare was 'Launched on October 4, 2006, the website is considered to be similar to YouTube, but for slideshows.'

'On May 3, 2012, SlideShare announced that it was to be acquired by LinkedIn. It's reported that the deal was $118.75 Million'

'The website gets an estimated 58 million unique visitors a month, and has about 16 million registered users. SlideShare was voted amongst by the World's Top 10 tools for education & e-learning in 2010'

Above quotes: Source Wikipedia

Slideshare website:

Slideshare page:

Slideshare entry:

Slideshare page:

Slideshare page:

An example of a slide show on mindfulness called 'Guided mindfulness meditation - What is mindful meditation & how to do it':

First Talk At The Gateway Drop In, Nottingham

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) Organised A Talk At The Gateway

On Wednesday 26th September 2012, Gemma Walker gave the first talk at the Gateway drop in. Gemma is a research assistant at Nottingham University. Gemma came to talk about the Chronic Mood Disorder Study, that is part of the mental health theme of CLAHRC-NDL. This acronym stands for Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care - Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. It is an applied health research partnership, which aims to improve healthcare in the region.

The CLAHRC-NDL partnership includes, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Nottingham University and the City Council (Self Help Nottingham also helps by letting participants know of self-help groups in the area).

Participants in the Chronic Mood Disorder Study, must be in secondary care to participate. The study lasts for two years, with follow-ups at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. They are trying to get funding for a 5 year follow-up.

If you would like to know more, visit the CLAHRC-NDL website and go to the Chronic Mood Disorder Study part of the 'Mental Health Theme':

To go to the CLAHRC-NDL entry on the INFO page, click here:

Thanks to Gemma from all at NP2PN and the Gateway drop in

The next talk at the Gateway drop in centre is on Wednesday 31st October 2012

Other Information

The Autumn edition of Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) e-Newsletter contains more information on the study, on page 2, with links to further information. To request a free copy of the NP2PN e-Newsletter:

Please fill in the brief Contact Form

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Some items included in the Autumn 2012 issue:

  • Exercise & Mental Health
  • The CLAHRC-NDL Chronic Mood Disorder Study
  • Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks 20th Anniversary, inc. some events
  • Plus the regular chill out page
  • Autumn time Vimeo and YouTube clips, quotes and what's on locally

Most content in the e-Newsletter can not be found elsewhere on the NP2PN website

Why 3,000 middle-aged men die by suicide each year

'Men And Suicide: Why It’s A Social Issue'

A new report that came out on Thursday 20 September:

'examines in depth why men from disadvantaged backgrounds in their 30s, 40s and 50s are at higher risk of suicide. On average, around 3,000 middle-aged men take their own lives each year and men from low socio-economic backgrounds living in deprived areas are ten times more likely to die by suicide than men from high socio-economic backgrounds living in the most affluent areas.
The report, commissioned by Samaritans, the helpline charity, explores the reasons for suicide beyond mental health issues in this group of men and calls for suicide to be addressed as a health and social inequality. The research, Men and Suicide: Why it’s a social issue...' is published in the report.

The Samaritans research report: (A PDF file)

By Clare Wyllie, Stephen Platt, Julie Brownlie, Amy Chandler, Sheelah Connolly, Rhiannon Evans Brendan Kennelly, Olivia Kirtley, Graham Moore, Rory O’Connor and Jonathan Scourfield.

Samaritans press release:

For the Samaritans local entry on Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) 'Info' page:

Other Information

Dr Chris Williams, free booklet, 'I Feel So Bad I Can't Go On':

Index To Information Listed On The Training Page

NP2PN Training Page Index

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) now has an Index of Information listed at the foot of the Training Page. It allows visitors landing on the Training page to get an idea of the many topics, colleges, organisations and charities listed

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NP2PN Autumn e-Newsletter 2012

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Some items included in the Autumn issue:

  • Exercise & Mental Health
  • The CLAHRC-NDL Chronic Mood Disorder Study
  • Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks 20th Anniversary, inc. some events
  • Plus the regular chill out page
  • Autumn time Vimeo and YouTube clips, quotes and what's on locally

Most content in the e-Newsletter can not be found elsewhere on the NP2PN website

Nottingham Recovery College ~ Autumn Courses

Click (a PDF file)

The printed version of the Autumn 2012 Prospectus available at the college

'...We aim to break down the barriers between 'us' and 'them' by having our courses co-produced and co-delivered wherever possible by people with lived experience of mental health challenges (peer trainers) and people with experience of profession. (page 4, Autumn Prospectus)

The prospectus is available from the College, at Duncan Macmillan House or at mental health team centres

Address: Nottingham Recovery College, Duncan Macmillan House, Porchester Road, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 6AA

Tel: 0115 956 0827

"All courses provided at the college are designed to contribute to wellbeing and recovery" (page 4, Autumn Prospectus)

Julie Repper ~ Director


Some courses have started

There are 57 courses and 2 events included in this terms prospectus

Categories include:

Understanding Experience of Mental Health Issues, Treatment and Options (9 course topics); Building Your Life (21 course topics); Developing Skills (16 course topics); Physical Health and Wellbeing (4 course topics); Getting Involved (5 course topics); Families, Friends and Loved Ones (1 course); The Forum (1 course); Events (2 events)

Courses do not give who the facilitators are, except for:

The 'Living with Bipolar Disorder - Taster Session' ~ Professor Mike Cooke CBE, Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Healthcare

Mike also introduces the 4-week 'Living with Bipolar' course.


The two hour course ~ 'Understanding and Working with Hearing Voices' ~ Peter Bullimore, UK Chair of Sheffield Hearing Voices Network and Co-founder of the Paranoia Network.

Who will be delivering the courses?

It may be beneficial to prospective students to know who their peer trainers and people with experience by profession are. And printed in the prospectus.


The Assertiveness; Anxiety Management; Moving on from Depression; Creating Positive Relationships; Anger Management; Building Self Confidence; Food and Mood; Time Management and Structuring your Day; Managing Perfectionism; and Coping with Loss; courses are run in partnership with South Nottingham College

'Everyday First Aid', a two-hour course run in partnership with the British Red Cross

'Word Power', an 11-week course run in partnership with WEA

The 'Preparing and Exploring Opportunities in Work and Education' six week course is run in partnership with 'Empowerment+ '

'On the Ball' on Fridays takes place at Portland Leisure Centre and is delivered by Notts County Football Club in the Community

The 'Supporting Loved Ones with Fire Safety' one hour course is run in conjunction with the fire service

Branching Out Across The County

In the Autumn prospectus, on page 5, it says: 'The college is currently working on developing spokes to start after half term, so the week beginning 22 October 2012, we are starting with spokes in Worksop and Mansfield then next term looking to develop in Newark and Kirkby in Ashfield. We hope this will make it easier for our students in the county to learn about your recovery, wellbeing and self-management so look out for the courses as they roll out. If you have any enquiries call us on 0115 956 0827 and we will be happy to answer any questions.'

There is more information on the NP2PN Training page, with a full list of the 57 courses on offer

Singing For The Brain

for the brain

About Alzheimer's Society And Singing For The Brain

About Alzheimer's Society:

On their YouTube channel page they say: 'Alzheimer's Society is the leading care and research charity for people with dementia and their carers.'

'We provide information and education, support for carers, and quality day and home care. We also fund medical and scientific research and campaigns for improved health and social services and greater public understanding of dementia.'

About Singing for the Brain ~ What is Singing for the brain?

'Singing for the Brain' is a service provided by Alzheimer's Society which uses singing to bring people together in a friendly and stimulating social environment...'

'...Hidden in the fun are activities which build on the well-known preserved memory for song and music in the brain. Even when many memories are hard to retrieve, music is especially easy to recall.'

The Alzheimer's Society 'Singing for the Brain' webpage:

'Singing for the brain' YouTube video, with personal experiences & demonstrations:

Nottingham Alzheimer's Society Launches Singing Groups

'A new singing group for people living with dementia has been launched by the Alzheimer's Society in Notts.

The first of a series of eight-week taster sessions called 'Singing for the Brain' were launched across two venues in Nottingham on Tues Sept 4th at 1.30pm and Thurs Sept 6th at 10.30am.

Similar sessions will be launched in Mansfield and Newark in November and in Gedling and Costhorpe in January.

People who are interested in joining a group should contact the Alzheimer's Society Nottingham office on 0115 934 3800 to book a place.

Numbers will be limited so please contact the office to confirm your place.'

Related Items:

'Dementia ~ Singing for the Brain' ~ NHS video, inc. the founder, Chreanne Montgomery-Smith:

Singing for the Brain began in Spring 2003, as the brainchild of Chreanne Montgomery-Smith. As a keen amateur singer, working with elderly people and with family experience of dementia, she sensed the potential of singing to enhance the wellbeing of dementia sufferers in ways described in this report:

'Making Singing for Health Happen ~ Reflections on a ‘Singing for the Brain’ Training Course' (a PDF file) ~ A report by Alistair Bamford and Stephen Clift. (Published January 2007. ISBN: 1899253483). The Sidney De Hann Research Centre for Arts and Health: The research centre 'is committed to researching the contribution of music and other participative arts activities in promoting the wellbeing and health of individuals and communities.' (The report was produced with the help of Canterbury Christ Church University, The Alzheimer's Society, and Arts Council England)

Alzheimer's Society national homepage:

To be sent a copy of the free 'Notts Peer To Peer Network e-Newsletter'

Please send your email address, saying you would like a copy, or complete the Contact Form

You will be sent a free copy, via email. It will contain additional content, that is not found elsewhere on this website and is interactive

Click for the

Unwind Your Mind

An Event ~ Part Of Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks* 2012

'Enjoy a day of complimentary therapies and a range of relaxing and fun activities. Visit the Human Library and chat to a person living with mental health. Discover exciting ways on how the Library can help improve your health and well being.'

Date: Wednesday 17th October 2012

Time: 11am-2pm

Venue: Bulwell Riverside Library, Main Street, Bulwell, Nottingham NG6 8QJ

For further details: 0115 883 3500


Information about the Human Library:

* Nottingham MHAW Website:

Launch Of The Nottingham Recovery College

Recovery College Launched At It's New Base

The college, originally called the Nottingham Recovery Education Centre, was based at 702 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham. It opened in May 2011, following the closure of SPAN, Foster Drive, Sherwood, in March 2011. SPAN (Skills and Practical Activities Network) was an education, training and employment centre for people recovering from mental health difficulties.

The move of the college to it's new base at Duncan Macmillan House, Porchester Road, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 6AA was in February 2012.

Professor Mike Cooke, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust's Chief Executive, officially launched the college on Friday 31st August 2012. The celebration was attended by Dr Julie Repper, the director of the college and Simon Smith, Executive Director of Local Services.

Guests had the opportunity to find out more about the college, see the premises and learn about forthcoming courses in the Autumn prospectus.

Nottingham Recovery College (NRC) information, on the Trust's website:

(Nottingham Recovery College autumn term courses 2012 not yet available on the Trusts' NRC page. NP2PN will keep you informed, of any developments. Come back for more up-to-date information).

Tel: 0115 956 0827

To read the news item about the launch on the Trust's website, click here:

Nottingham Recovery College page:

One service users experience of the college on the health service's 'Patient Opinion' website:

(You can also leave your comments on NP2PN's Forum page. Membership is free)

Notts Peer To Peer Network Website

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) has a page on the history and early days prior to the opening of the Recovery Education Centre, now renamed the Recovery College. To find out more click here: (It is not listed on the main NP2PN banner, as these are history pages)

There is also a page about SPAN: (It is not listed on the main NP2PN banner, as these are history pages)

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) page: (become a 'friend')

Notts Peer To Peer Network's YouTube Channel:

Notts Peer To Peer Network's Forum:

Stories About Notts Healthcare NHS Trust

Your Experiences Of Notts Healthcare NHS Trust On Patient Opinion

On 'Notts Peer To Peer Network' (NP2PN) Forum there is a link to the 'Patient Opinion' website with stories about people's experiences of Notts Healthcare NHS Trust. There are responses from the Trust too.

To go to the 'Patient Opinion' web page for people's stories about Notts Healthcare NHS Trust, click this link here: Headlines for some people's stories/experiences on 'Patient Opinion' about Notts Healthcare NHS Trust include some of these:

"I feel I would have benefitted from a longer stay in hospital."
"Inequality and unfair restrictions."
"Homophobic comments by a staff member."
"Light at the end of the tunnel..."
"Queens nottingham A42 and EIP service."
"Psychiatric Outpatients Department, QMC."

And many more (78 stories posted as of 5th Sept 2012)

NP2PN Forum

You can also make comments on the NP2PN Forum:

Service users, carers & others can leave their comments on the NP2PN Forum. Plus, it's free to join, and you can interact with each other. Registration is quick & easy. See the NP2PN YouTube video on how to register, if you require any help:

NP2PN entry for 'Patient Opinion' on the 'Info' page:

New Entries On The Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) Website

An Important 'Recovery' Woman & Two Groups For Elderly People In Nottingham & Notts

Dr Rachel Perkins OBE

Entry on the 'Some Recovery People' section, on the 'Recovery' page

Friendship Centre, Nottingham (OP)

The Friendship Centre, Nottingham is affiliated to Age UK. It has social activities

The Indian Community Association, Long Eaton (OP)

The Indian Community Association of Long Eaton, is a self-help group that offers support to older Indian women and men who live in the town and surrounding areas

More information is being added to the website and is checked regularly

If you find an error or a broken link, please send the information to:

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) Email:

Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Week 2012

20th Anniversary Year: October 8th-19th 2012

The 2012 programme can be seen on the Nottm MHAW website now

About Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks:

'The events of Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks are not commissioned according to any particular theme, but are contributed from the community, to reflect the diversity of approaches to mental health and wellbeing.

Events emerge each year from a wide network of local groups and organisations, and the MHAW coordinating committee acts as a catalyst to stimulate ideas and build a balanced programme.

The 2011 programme included contributions from art, music, poetry, film, drama, gardening, complementary therapies, information and social events. These were open to anyone interested. MHAW 2011 also benefited from being part of Framework's 10th anniversary Art & Music Festival 'Raise the Roof', to raise awareness of homelessness.'

Nottingham MHAW Website:

MHA Co-ordinator (Pam) ~

MHA Chair (Rosemary) ~

Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) e-Newsletter will have some entries about things happening. It's free and can be ordered by filling in the brief 'Contact Form'. Just give your name and email address, saying you would like to be sent a copy and you will be put on the mailing list. Please click here:

Alcohol Related Consultancies (ARC)

Mark Holmes ~ Clinical Nurse Specialist (RMN)

Mark Holmes is a specialist nurse practitioner in substance misuse and has a first class BSc in Healthcare Studies (substance misuse) from the University of Nottingham. He has recently become a voluntary advisor in the steering group for the Alcohol Learning Centre (ALC). The ARC has resources for people working to decrease alcohol related health problems.

The Alcohol Related Consultancies (ARC) website has links to national articles, training resources and publications

Alcohol Related Consultancies (ARC) website:


Mark Holmes entry:

Alcohol Learning Centre (ALC) website:

Related Items:

'Concerned about someone's drinking?' ~ from Drinkaware website:

Also see help organisations on the 'Info' page, under the category, 'Addictions'

SHOUT ~ Anger Awareness For Men


'What's Driving You?'

A programme of anger awareness courses for men is set to start in Nottingham

'Are you struggling to contain your anger? Angry outbursts or Silent moods? Feel irritable, moody and frustrated? Do you often shout and lose your temper?'

SHOUT is a 10 week programme

Helping MEN to:

'Develop emotional muscles; Discover the roots of anger; Build more satisfying relationships; Change behaviour; Increase communication skills.'

Venue: Meadows Children Centre, Kirkby Gardens, Nottingham NG2 3LA

Google maps:

Start date: 27th September 2012

Time: 10am-12 noon

Booking details or further information: MEN@WORK

Phone or text James: Mobile number: 0782 154 0592


Nottingham Caribbean Carnival 2012

Sponsored By The Decade Of Better Health Programme

The 2012 Carnival took place over the weekend of 18th/19th August 2012:

12 noon-9pm on each day. The parade was on Sunday, from the city centre to the ground

Saturday 18th August-12 noon-9pm

Sunday 19th August-12 noon-9pm

Sunday 19th August ~ Carnival Parade (from Castle Gate, in the Nottm city centre) ~ 2pm-6pm

Venue: Forest Recreation Ground (Goose Fair site), Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham

The Nottingham Caribbean Carnival website:

The event attracts around 50,000 people

Decade of Better Health ~ live longer, happier, healthier website:

Nottingham Women's Centre Courses September 2012

Enrolment Day September 12th

The Nottingham Women's Centre will be holding an enrolment day for their courses

Some courses on offer:

Anger management (start date: 20th Sept); Alcohol awareness (start date: 19th Sept); Building self confidence and self esteem (start date: 26th Sept); Counselling skills (start date: 16th Oct); Gentle intro to getting that job (start date: 20th Sept); Introduction to career preparation (start date: 1st Nov); Literacy and numeracy (every monday); Maths for life and work (18th Sept); Money matters (start dates: either 4th or 6th Sept); Women's empowerment group (week commencing 17th Sept); ECDL essentials (European Computer Drivers Licence level 1) (start date: 19th Sept); Computer workshop (start date: 25th Sept). Plus other ongoing courses. Cost of courses vary.

Women's Centre course booklet:

Enrolment Date: Wednesday 12th September, between 10am and 3pm

Venue: Nottingham Women's Centre, 30 Chaucer Street, Nottingham NG1 5LP

(If you can not attend on the enrolment date, drop into the centre before the start date to enrol. Course enrolment is on a first come, first serve basis.)

To find out further information about courses or to book a one to one session contact the women's centre reception and ask to speak to one of their advisors

Tel: 0115 941 1475



NP2PN Information Directory 2012

Upper left: front page; upper right: the contents page; lower left: two of the directory pages

Lower right: the Index page (Images not to size. They are all A4 in size)

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) Produces A Printed 2012 Information Directory

The directory is available at the Gateway drop in, every Wednesday

at St Peter's church, Nottingham, between 1.30pm-3.30pm:

There is an interactive version too. You click on the links on the electronic copy, to go to the full entry on the NP2PN website or direct to the group, organisation or charities website or email them directly. Telephone numbers and addresess are included, if available

Entries change over time. Therefore, it is recommended you keep up to date with new and improved entries on the NP2PN website. Most sites can be placed within one of the 18 general categories. However, many groups, organisations and charities often do multiple things; therefore they have been placed within the category that may be their primary aim and objective, but there is bound to be an overlap.

For example, the Gateway drop in, is in the 'Drop In' category, but has information on offer and gives mutual support to each other, amongst other things. However, it has been placed in the Drop In category, because it is the best place to categorise it. Some organisations, like 'Framework', do many things too, but has been placed in the 'Mental Health ' category, even though it does support, can do advocacy work, etc.

During the compilation of the directory, every entry on the 'Info' page of NP2PN was rechecked and where improvements or changes were needed, these were implemented on the website. Some entries have been altered to reflect the eveolving nature of websites, both NP2PN's and others.

Whatever the category that a group has been placed in, it is here to be of assistance to the individual who needs help

Fresh Ties ~ 'Care To Visit Campaign'

Freh Ties motto is: 'Your human rights organisation, empowering people to build better lives. FreshTies. Believe in People'

'Care To Visit Campaign'

'A fresh standard of care home accountability.'

You can join in the Fresh Ties ~ 'Care To Visit Campaign':

Fresh Ties website:

Human Rights ~ Help THe Most Vulnerable

'Human rights organisation, FreshTies, is receiving calls from increasing numbers of individuals worried and concerned about family members in care homes.'

They say they want to form a UK Care Home Map. In their words:

'Help us map out what people are experiencing with care homes, from the good to the range and number of complaints.'

'As a regulated not-for-profit organisation, our sole use of your information is to assist this area of human rights concerning the elderly and their care. We have asked for your contact details so we can find out more from you, and validate responses. We never sell or share your individual or personal information. None of your personal details are published.'

'Care home map: share your experience, and help bring about human rights and dignity for people in care'

Care home map ~ share your experience. You can fill in the online form at this webpage:

Tel: 02921 158 474

Address: FreshTies, 2nd Floor, 113-116 Bute Street, Butetown, Cardiff, CF10 5EQ

Related Items:

As reported in an earlier NP2PN news item, was a report of abuse uncovered by a BBC Panorama programme in May 2011

The Panorama programme, on the 31st May 2011, called 'Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed' on the BBC exposed abuse towards patients, who included people with learning disabilities, autism, mental illness and personality disorders

For information on the Panorama programme on abuse, click this link:

There is an independent report commissioned by the Safeguarding Adults Board (ASB), part of South Gloustershire Council, following the reports of patient abuse at the Winterbourne private hospital (owned by Castlebeck Care Ltd) in 2011, mentioned in the Panorama programme

Go to the council website to see the report:

BBC News: Winterbourne View care home scandal 'could happen again' ~ 7th August 2012:

BBC radio 4 TODAY programme: Large care facilities 'prone to abuse':

BBC News: Winterbourne View: Report urges changes in adult care:

That's why organisation like Fresh Ties, Mencap, and others may make a difference

The Women's Network ~ Nottingham

Women Meet Weekly For Informal Support

A group of women meet weekly for informal support

For women in secondary care

A social event that has between 5-13 people each week

Mental health and wellbeing

Meetings: Every Monday

Time: 1.45pm until 3.30pm

Venue: Jam Cafe, 12 Heathcote Street, Hockley, Nottingham NG1 3AA

Jam Cafe website:

(Jam cafe has no connection with the group. It is place where they meet)

MIND ~ 'Uncomfortable Truths'

Paul Farmer, Mind's CEO, Talks About Two TV Shows On The Welfare System

A Channel 4 Dispatches programme called, 'Britain on the Sick' and a BBC Panorama programme emotively called, 'Disabled or Faking It?' (Both programmes aired on Monday 30th July 2012)

Quotes from Paul Farmer on the MIND website:

'Last night's Dispatches and Panorama on welfare and the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) shone a light on the realities faced by millions of disabled people, including people with mental health problems, who try to claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

It made for uncomfortable viewing.'....

To read the whole of Paul's comments, please click this link:

(Paul made comments at the time of this news story, but they have now been removed from their website)

Mind's 'Where You Can Find Help' webpage, click this link:

A programme may not be available to watch, due to time passed and are withdrawn from viewing

Mind Factsheets:

The Move To Employment Support Allowance (All the factsheets are PDF files)

The move to ESA - factsheet 1: what is ESA?':

'The move to ESA - factsheet 2: the assessment process':

'The move to ESA - factsheet 3: the points system':

'The move to ESA - factsheet 4: medical assessment':

'The move to ESA - factsheet 5: decisions and consequences':

(All the above factsheets were available at the time of this news story, but Mind has now removed them)

Extra Information

High Court grants permission for Work Capability Assessment (WCA) judicial review:

The claimants are being represented by the Public Law Project, which has issued this press release. Please click the link here: (a PDF file)

NP2PN recently updated information called 'Benefit Reviews and Mental Health':

Rushcliffe Mental Health Team ~ Important Notice

Collection Times

Medication Collection From Rushcliffe Mental Health Team

An A4 sheet was placed in the waiting room of the Rushcliffe Mental Health Team waiting room in July 2012

It said:

'Important Notice For Clients Who Collect Medication From Rushcliffe Mental Health Team'

'From 1st Aug we would politely request that clients attend our main clinic on:

Thursdays between 9am-12pm

If unable to attend on Thursdays then we can offer collection on:

Tuesday between 3pm-4pm

Please speak to the Nurse dispensing your medication if you have any commitments and need adjustments to the above times offered.

This will enable us to use our Nursing resource here at Rushcliffe Mental Health Team more effectively.

Outside of these times a Nurse may not be available and you could have a wasted journey.'

Address: Rushcliffe Mental Health Team, 93 Musters Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7PG

Tel: 0115 945 5990

Open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

For the Rushcliffe Mental Health Team leaflet, click this link: (a PDF file)

Full Alphabetical Index Of Sites Listed On The 'INFO' Page Now On The NP2PN 'HOME' Page

You Can Now Find Information And Help Directly From The NP2PN 'HOME' Page

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) now has a full alphabetical index of sites listed at the foot of the 'HOME' Page. It does not replace the other helpful features on the 'INFO' page, but allows visitors landing on the 'HOME' page to get an idea of the many groups, organisations and charities listed

Just below the full alphabetical index of sites, at the foot of the 'HOME' Page the sites are placed in the relevant categories for assistance in locating a site that may be of help

Most sites can be placed within one of the general categories. However, many groups, organisations and charities often do multiple things, therefore they have been placed within the category that may be their primary aim and objective

During the re-compilation of the links, a few broken links to external websites were updated. NP2PN regularly checks links and updates any that require changing. If you find any broken links, please email NP2PN at the address below, with the name of the website:

(Update: these indexes have been removed from the NP2PN 'Home' page to make that page much simpler to navigate, but indexes are available on the 'Info' page)

C.A.L.M. (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

C.A.L.M. Changing Its Remit To Include The Older Generation

(see The Guardian article in 'Extra Information' below)

Their website says:

'The campaign against living miserably (CALM) was set up to reduce the high suicide rate amongst men under 35, currently the single biggest killer of young men in the UK. It is a campaign and charity targeting young men with a helpline, magazine and online community, but CALM listens to anyone who needs help or support.'

If you live in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire and want to use the C.A.L.M. Helpline, see the box below:

C.A.L.M Helpline number for people outside of London: 0800 585 858

The helpline is open from 5pm until midnight on Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues, every week of the year. It’s free, confidential and anonymous

C.A.L.M website homepage:

Postal Address: CALM, PO Box 68766, London SE1P 4JZ

Or call CALM’s London office on 0203 142 6213


Charity registration number: 1110621

C.A.L.M. have a Twitter page, called 'theCALMzone':

C.A.L.M. have a Facebook page called 'theCALMzone':

C.A.L.M. produces a magazine, available online, called 'CALMzine':

'CALMzine is their bi-monthly serving of literary MANspiration'

You can support C.A.L.M by donating through the 'Just Giving' page:

Or through the 'Virgin Money Giving' page:

(This information has now been added to NP2PN 'Info' page under the category of 'Young People')

Extra Information

'Suicide on the rise among older men'

'Calm, which began as a Department of Health initiative in 1997 and became a charity in 2006, was traditionally focused on reducing suicide among young men. It is changing its remit to include the older generation.' ~ ('Suicide on the rise among older men' by Helen Nugent ~ The Guardian 15th July 2012)

Related Items

The Samaritans has an entry on NP2PN, with contact details: (It is open to everyone 24/7)

Benefit Reviews And Mental Health

'We Are Constantly Seeing Reports From People Distressed About Their Reassessment For ESA'

From The Royal College of Psychiatrists briefing on welfare reform

(The Welfare Reform Bill received Royal Assent on 8th March 2012. ESA is Employment Support Allowance, which is replacing Incapacity Benefit)

The Royal College of Psychiatrists said, before the Welfare Reform Bill was passed:

'Without the government carefully considering their proposals for Welfare Reform before implementation, benefit claimants with all forms of disabilities may experience uncertainty, stress, anxiety and a sense of unfairness. We are constantly seeing reports from people distressed about their reassessment for ESA. This is a matter of great concern for the College and service users because it not only impacts on their quality of life and hope for a better future, but can also lead to worsening mental health and increased contact with mental health services.'

The Royal College of Psychiatrists briefing on welfare reform:

(This is an extended news item, as the subject matter deserves expanding. Information will be transferred to the 'Info' page for reference in time)

Related Items

Advocacy Roles

The Guardian: 'Welfare reforms see mental health teams taking on more advocacy roles', 29.05.2012:

(By 'The Masked AMHP' ~ a social worker in a community mental health team in rural England and has been an approved mental health professional since 2007 ~ AMHP stands for Approved Mental Health Professional)

Also many comments from 'professionals' & 'service users' on this article. For example:

..."receipt of the official letter generated a great deal of damaging anxiety and I can recall an examination being postponed because the person had to be hospitalised due to the high level of anxiety generated."... A member of a social work mental health team in the 1980's & 90's, who also says advocacy is a specialised skill

"I am also a social worker on a Community Mental Health Team. Everything you have written sounds so depressingly familiar. I often have to resort to write letters to local MP's to try to get what people are entitled to. Due to high caseloads many workers do not have the time to advocate for people properly either, which results in their not receiving benefits to which they are entitled." A social worker on a Community mental health team

Reply to nursesagainstatos: "I attended yet another ATOS interview today with one of our service users. The nurse clearly knew nothing about mental health ~ she did not even know how to pronounce the antidepressant medication the person was taking, and when I explained to her that the service user's diagnosis was "emotionally unstable personality disorder" and "dissociative identity disorder", she looked at me completely blankly. When the service user explained the symptoms she experiences, again the nurse displayed no understanding at all." The Masked AMHP

To read more, go to The Guardian article:

Work Capability Assessment ~ Should It Be Scraped Or Kept?

The Guardian: 'GP's call for work capability assessment to be scrapped', by Amelia Gentleman 23.05.2012:

'Government's Response to Professor Malcolm Harrington's Second Independent Review of the Work Capability Assessment' November 2011: (A PDF file)

'Work Capability Assessment independent review ~ Year three timetable 2012': (A PDF file)

'Consultation responses to 21st Century Welfare' November 2012: (A PDF file)

From Parliament UK: 'The role of incapacity benefit reassessment in helping claimants into employment ~ Work and Pensions Committee' ~ Examination of Witness (Question Numbers 201-243) Professor Malcolm Harrington questioned by MP's 18th May 2011:

The Guardian: Sickness benefit: 'They try their damnedest to avoid paying', by Amelia Gentleman 19th March 2012:

The Guardian: 'Mental health of benefit claimants is put at risk by welfare reform', by John Domokos and Patrick Butler 20th June 2012:

Quote from the above article: 'Up to half of the 11,000 people who undergo the WCA each week appeal against the decision; 40% of appeals are successful. Appeals cost the taxpayer £50m, on top of the £100m a year paid to Atos to carry out the tests.'

'A year ago, Boardman and Farmer warned that mentally ill people killed themselves because of benefits-related problems. Since then, as the process of reassessing people on incapacity benefit has accelerated, a report from coroners' courts have revealed a number of cases in which benefit-related anxieties are mentioned as a contributory factor to a person's suicide.'

(Dr Jed Boardman, a consultant psychiatrist and spokesman on social inclusion at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Paul Farmer is Chief Executive of Mind)

ESA50 ~ Limited Capability For Work

''ESA50 ~ Limited Capability For Work Questionnaire': (An interactive electronic PDF file)

'A guide to Employment and Support Allowance - The Work Capability Assessment' ~ ESA214 June 2011: (A PDF file)

ATOS Healthcare

Atos Healthcare is a business division of French healthcare firm, Atos

ATOS Healthcare website:

ATOS company profile:

Department for Work and Pensions webpage about ATOS Healthcare:

ISSUU Online Documents

Wikipedia says:

'Issuu is an online service that allows for realistic and customisable viewing of digitally uploaded material, such as portfolios, books, magazine issues, newspapers, and other print media.':

On the Issuu website is a handbook:

WCA Handbook 2011 Regulations:

Other documents on the Issuu website are available for the public to view


‘Logic Integrated Medical Assessment’ (LiMA)

In 'An Independent Review of the Work Capability Assessment – year two' by Professor Malcolm Harrington, November 2011 ~ (page 47) it says:

'Atos healthcare professionals (HCPs) use the LiMA computer system to help structure discussions at the face-to-face assessment, to build a picture of the claimants functional capabilities and to generate a final report containing findings, advice and recommendations to Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Decision Makers.'

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Summary page for 'Right first time ~ An indicative study of the accuracy of ESA work capability assessment reports' January 2012:

Citizens Advice Bureau booklet: 'Right first time? ~ An indicative study of the accuracy of ESA work capability assessment reports' January 2012: (A PDF file)

In the above CAB report, there is information about ATOS Healthcare. It says:

'The ESA WCAs are conducted by health care professionals employed by Atos Healthcare, a private company contracted to carry out the assessments on behalf of the DWP. Atos is also involved in the assessment process for other DWP sickness and disability benefits, incapacity benefit (IB), disability living allowance (DLA) and industrial injuries disablement benefit (IIDB).'

'The current Medical Services agreement between Atos and the DWP started in September 2005 and was extended at the end of 2010 to run until August 2015. The amount that the DWP pays to Atos to carry out contracted services is driven by the volume of assessments, and the total cost to the Department for all benefit streams covered under the contract amounts to approximately £100 million per annum. The DWP estimates that over the lifetime of the contract, Atos will have been paid about £1 billion. Details of how much Atos is paid for each medical assessment is “commercially sensitive” and therefore not publicly available.'

[Abbreviation meanings: ESA ~ Employment Support Allowance; WCA ~ Work Capability Assessment; DWP ~ Department for Work and Pensions]


Ministry of Justice webpage about the appeal process for social security and child support tribunal ~ appeals:

'How to appeal~ A Step By Step Guide', Tribunals Service: (A PDF file)

There was a YouTube video, produced by the Ministry of Justice that explained how the appeal process worked. However, it has been uploaded and removed by the Ministry of Justice twice. It was entitled: 'Making an appeal to the Social Security and Child Support tribunal'. NP2PN does not know why this video was made, uploaded, removed, uploaded and removed again. However, Google, may offer other helpful advice and support websites.

However, Google catalogues videos on YouTube and it may be available here:

Recovery ~ The Person At The Heart Of The Matter

Recovery, Recovery Action Plans and listening to the patient/consumer/client/service user (all different labels ~ 'the person at the heart of the matter')

A recovery action plan may form a part of the recovery process

WRAP ~ Wellness Recovery Action Plan (2004) ~ (A PDF file)

See Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) 'Recovery' page

Nottingham also has the Recovery Education College:

Benefit reviews may affect people living with mental health conditions in different ways. Please seek help form your healthcare professional or other advice agency. Also read NP2PN's Important Notice

NP2PN's 'Info' page has categories for other help and advice agencies

(The views or opinions expressed in the external links are solely their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Notts Peer To Peer Network)

News Of Notts Healthcare NHS Trusts Recovery Work Spreads Around The World

Julie Repper Talks About The Trust's Recovery Work

Julie talks to the Trust's 'Positive' magazine about her travels around the world recently. She has given invited papers or run workshops on recovery in America, Europe and Australia

In the article, Julie says, "Although we are still learning how to develop recovery-focused services, I'm delighted that we are able to inspire those services which are several steps behind, and we also learn from their ideas and observations."

Alongside this article is an item about the Trust's series of recovery demonstration days

Julie said, " The principles of recovery are fundamental to ensuring we provide the best services we can to support people on their journeys towards recovery."

Notts Healthcare's 'Positive' July magazine: (A PDF file)

For the article about the Trust's Recovery work and Julie Repper, go to page 13 of July's issue of Positive

For previous copies of 'Positive', go to the Trust's Newsletter webpage:

Related Items

The Implementing Recovery project sites ~ on the Recovery page of Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN)

ImROC (Implementing Recovery ~ Organisational Change)

Recovery People ~ Julie Repper ~ on NP2PN Recovery page

If you would like to comment, NP2PN has a Forum and a Facebook page

To go to this specific topic on the Forum:

Special Olympics Tennis Player Carries Olympic Torch

Local Tennis Athlete Carries The Olympic Torch In Nottinghamshire

Alex Eustace represented Britain's tennis team at the Special Olympics World Games in Athens, in 2011

He won a bronze for singles and a silver for doubles

In 2009, he represented the East Midlands in the Special Olympics National Games in Leicester, where he won a gold and silver medal

June 28th 2012, 5.44pm ~ BBC torch relay: See Alex take over from Dan Edson:

Alex Eustace Olympic torch bearer ~ his nomination story:

Special Olympics tennis webpage:

Parade of Winners (Athens 2011) ~ YouTube video of a few of the winning athletes:

Special Olympics East Midlands website:

Special Olympics GB tv ~ YouTube Channel:

'Special Olympics Great Britain is proud to be the country's largest provider of year-round sports training and competition programmes for children and adults with learning disabilities.' Quote from Special Olympics GB tv

Bipolar UK

Update To Information

The group MDF (Manic Depression Fellowship) is a part of the national charity Bipolar UK

Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) information page has been updated with the national website address and added the national telephone number and a link to the Bipolar UK's Twitter page

Local meetings remain at the same time and address

Meet every 2nd Saturday of the month at the YMCA, International Community Centre, 61b Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FN, between 10.30am and 12 noon

A link to Google maps for the above address:

NP2PN Info page full entry:

Samaritans National Awareness Day 2012: 24th July 2012

Revving Up As Samaritans' Motorcyclist Tours The Nation For 24:7

David Exley on a 6,000 mile tour for the Samaritans

'As part of Samaritans' annual awareness day 24:7, the charity's volunteers are preparing for the arrival of David Exley, a fellow Samaritan, who is motorcycling around the UK and Ireland to raise awareness of the charity.

Covering more than 6,000 miles on his motorbike, David will visit each of the 201 Samaritans branches, highlighting the charity's vital 24-hour service. 64 year old David is also completing the ride in memory of his brother Tim, and son James who both sadly died by suicide.

David will kick-start his engine at Worthing Samaritans on Monday 2nd July, and will be on the road for seven weeks. His final pit stop will be in Cardiff, on 20th August, where he will be greeted by sponsors, Admiral insurance.'

David was in Nottingham on Saturday 28th July, visiting the 18 Clarendon Street branch (please check the Samaritans' website if there are any alterations)

To see local dates and interactive map, click here: Now closed

Follow David's current progress: Now closed

For the Samaritans local entry on Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) 'Info' page:

Hearing Voices Group

Google map for venue, click

Some Information From The 'Hearing Voices Group' A4 Information Sheet:

'Do you hear voices?

Would you like to talk about your experiences with other people who hear voices?

Would you like to hear how other people cope?

Would you like to share your ways of coping?

If you said 'yes' to any of these questions then this group might be for you.'

Venue: International Community Centre, 61b Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3FN

Day & Time: Thursdays, 3pm until 4pm

Referrals to: Community, Arts and Wellbeing Service, Stonebridge Centre, Cardiff Street, Nottingham NG3 2FH

The 'Big Society' ~ 'Responsibilities To The Most Vulnerable'

Dr Rowan Williams argues that the Prime Minister’s Big Society is a ploy to conceal a “deeply damaging withdrawal of the state from its responsibilities to the most vulnerable", in a forthcoming book: 'Faith in the Public Square'.

Rowan Williams, Archbishop Of Canterbury (27/02/2003 until end of 2012)

In the passages, published in the Observer, Dr Williams writes: "Introduced in the run up to the last election as a major political idea for the coming generation, [it] has suffered from a lack of definition about the means by which such ideals can be realised."

"Big society rhetoric is all too often heard by many therefore as aspirational waffle designed to conceal a deeply damaging withdrawal of the state from its responsibilities to the most vulnerable."

He also suggests ministers have fuelled cynicism over Mr Cameron’s Big Society vision by failing to define what the role of citizens should be.

He adds: "And if the big society is anything better than a slogan looking increasingly threadbare as we look at our society reeling under the impact of public spending cuts, then discussion on this subject has got to take on board some of those issues about what it is to be a citizen and where it is that we most deeply and helpfully acquire the resources of civic identity and dignity."

'Faith in the Public Square' (Link to Amazon UK), will be published by Bloomsbury on 21st September 2012, priced £20

ISBN-10: 1408187582; ISBN-13: 978-1408187586

The Observer article ~ (24th June 2012)

The Guardian article:

The Independent article:

Macmillan (British Online) Dictionary, definition of 'Vulnerable':

(The views or opinions expressed in the external links are solely their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Notts Peer To Peer Network)

Update: Gedling Follow On Recovery Group (formerly Open Minds)

The Gedling Follow On Recovery Group Meets Every Tuesday

Venue: For the next six week (June/July 2012) Manor Road Health Centre, Manor Road, Carlton Nottingham NG4 3AY

Google map:

Meetings: Every Tuesday

Time: 1pm until 3pm

Requirements for membership:

Be referred by doctor/psychiatrist

Have been on the 8 week recovery course at the Manor Centre

(Gedling Community Mental Health Team based at Manor Road, Carlton, Gedling, Nottingham)

(Peer Support Worker present)

Activities include some of the following:

Social group includes trips, ten-pin bowling, meals out together

Chess, Scrabble, quiz, etc.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, community mental health service:

NGY ~ myplace

For Young People ~ NGY myplace, In Castle Gate, Opened On The 10th April 2012

The renovation of the former Radio Trent FM building cost around £5 million pounds. The city council also put £700,000 towards the project.

The designs were put forward by the teenagers themselves. The centre is for young people and provides a range of services and facilities, which include:

A fitness suite; a cafe; a dance and recording studio; counselling and health services. All over 5 floors.

Membership is open to any young person aged between 12 and 25 living in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

'NGY is a collaborative project that is being delivered by a number of partners including Nottingham City Council, Base 51 (Lead Partner), NHS Nottingham City, Compass, Nottinghamshire YMCA, Nottingham Forest in the Community and Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Futures (formerly Connexions).'

It is open seven days a week

Opening Times: Mon to Sat: 11am until 9pm; Sun: 11am until 6pm

Address: NGY myplace, 29-31 Castle Gate, Nottingham NG1 7AR

Google Map:

For information telephone: 0115 874 6101


NGY myplace Website:

NGY myplace Facebook page:

YouTube video, in the months prior to the opening:

Related Items

Base 51 has set up 'Back to Our Roots', a scheme offering city youngsters the chance to grow their own crops:

'This is Nottingham' article on NGY myplace:

BBC news on NGY myplace:

NGY myplace has been added to the NP2PN 'Info' page under the 'Young People' category

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) E-newsletter Summer 2012

Order Your Free (NP2PN) E-newsletter

Please fill in the Contact Form

Click for the Contact Form

A special six pages, instead of four, as the GATEWAY drop in centre is one year old in August

Items include :

  • Mindfulness of the body, feelings, thoughts, and other phenomena
  • Mental Health in primary care
  • Diamond jubilee pictures
  • Plus the regular chill out page
  • Summer time Vimeo and YouTube clips, quotes and what's on locally
  • A two page Gateway supplement to mark it's first year, with a few pictures

Most content in the e-Newsletter can not be found elsewhere on the NP2PN website

Caterer And Hotelkeeper 'Open Minds' Survey

'Open Minds Survey ~ A Mental Health Check For Hospitality'

Some information from their website says:

'As part of a forthcoming Open Minds campaign to raise awareness of the extent of mental health problems experienced by hospitality employees, Caterer and Hotelkeeper is launching a survey...'

'The four-week campaign, which is backed by the UK's leading mental health charity, Mind, will be launched in the 8 June issue of Caterer and Hotelkeeper with an in-depth look at the impact that poor mental health can have on a person's life...'

'The results of the survey will appear in the 29 June issue, alongside a feature highlighting some of the companies which are regarded as beacons in their support of employees with mental health problems.'

Caterer and Hotelkeeper 'Open Minds' Survey page:

Self Help Nottingham's 30th Birthday Party Open House

An Open House To Celebrate 30 Years Of Supporting Self Help Groups

Self Help Nottingham website:

On Thursday the 24th May, the first of a series of events took place to mark the 30th anniversary of Self Help Nottingham. It took place at Self Help Nottingham, Ormiston House, 32-36 Pelham Street, Nottingham NG1 2EG

A buffet lunch with vegetarian and wheat-free options was available to the guests who came from a wide variety of self help groups form across Nottinghamshire. One aspect of the celebration, included creating a collage of self help groups over the past 30 years.

A cake was donated by Sue, from Cake Designs of West Bridgford

Self Help Nottingham's Twitter page:

Self Help Nottingham's Facebook page:

'Celebrating 30 years of supporting Self Help Groups in Notts!' photo album on Facebook:

Related Items

For a list of publications and the latetst Self Help Nottingham Directory (cost £9), please click here:

Framework's 10 Days Of Action

Read about the 10 Days Of Action 2012

Click this link:

Day 1: Sat 16th June: Bike Fest; Day 2: Mon 18th June: Charity Golf Day; Day 3: Tues 19th June: Simply Donate; Day 4: Weds 20th June: Jail and Bail; Day 5: Sun 24th June: Film Day & 'A Day In The Life Of Framework'; Day 6: Mon 25th June: Friends For Framework; Day 7: Weds 27th June: Big Web Wednesday; Day 8: Thurs 28th June: Elizabeth House Fete; Day 9: Fri 29th June: Do It For Framework Day!; Day 10: Sat 30th June: Car Wash (click on the underlined text to find out more about each day of action)

Last year £18,500 was raised during the 10 Days Of Action

Framework is a charity which provides housing, support, training, care and resettlement services

Framework's Services

Framework 'offers specialist support for: people with mental health difficulties, people with substance and alcohol issues, people with mild learning difficulties, young people and care leavers, vulnerable women and families, vulnerable older people'

To find out what Framework does, click this link:

Address: Framework Housing Association, Val Roberts House, 25 Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 6NX.

Tel: 0115 970 952

People who witness somebody sleeping rough anywhere in the Nottingham city area can discretely call for assistance. Rough sleepers themselves are also encouraged to call: 0800 066 5356

Framework Nottingham YouTube Channel:

Food Provision In Nottingham (Homeless & Vulnerable)

Soup Runs

Friary 9am until 1pm

Emmanuel House 9.30am until 2.30pm

St Paul's Soup Kitchen

Daily 11am until 1pm

Cabin 8pm until 9.30pm
Soup Runs travel around Nottingham City Centre, starting at 8pm outside Marks & Spencer, 1 Albert Street, Nottingham

Arches Coffee Lounge 10am until 11.45am

Emmanuel House 9.30am until 2.30pm

Rally 7pm until 9pm

Friary 9am until 1pm

Emmanuel House 9.30am until 2.30pm

Rally 7pm until 9pm

Arches Coffee Lounge 10am until 12.30pm

Emmanuel House 9.30am until 2.30pm

Rally 7pm until 9pm

Friary 9am until 1pm

Emmanuel House 9.30am until 2.30pm

Cabin 8pm until 9.30pm
Arches Coffee Lounge 10am until 12.30pm

Rally 7pm until 8.30pm

Emmanuel House 7pm until 10pm


Rally 6.30pm until 8.30pm

Emmanuel House 7pm until 10pm

(please check with the providers for up-to-date information)


The Arches: Unit 1-4, Broadholme Street, Nottingham NG7 1HQ


Google map:

The Cabin, Forest Fields Recreation Ground, off Mansfield Road, Nottingham


Emmanuel House Day Centre, 53-61 Goose Gate, Nottingham NG1 1FE (Tel: 0115 950 7140)

Save Emmanuel Hose:

Just Giving ~ Emmanuel House:

The Friary, 46 Musters Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7PR


Rally: St Peter's Hall, Hartley Road, Radford, Nottingham NG7 3DW

Soup Run: Start point: Outside Marks and Spencers, 1 Albert Street, Nottingham NG1 7DB


St Paul's Church, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 2BY (Tel: 0115 978 6236)

Trent Vineyard, Unit 1 Easter Park, Lenton Lane, Nottingham NG7 2PX (Tel: 0115 988 7060)


(please check with the providers for up-to-date information)

Related Items

Nottingham Gateway Housing Aid

Address: Housing Aid, 135 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham NG1 1EE


Homelessness Prevention Gateway:

'The Homelessness Prevention Gateway helps people in Nottingham who have housing problems'

Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 8.30am until 4.30pm, except Weds, when they are open 10.30am until 4.30pm. If you become homeless outside of these hours, please call 0115 915 3000


For related information, please go to the 'Info' page entry under the heading 'homelessness':

"How The Workforce Can Support Recovery" *

Recovery: from research evidence to clinical practice and organisational transformation

Health Service and Population Research Summer School, at King's College London

A five day course with various lecturers, including, on day four, Dr Julie Repper, (Director of the Nottingham Recovery College), on the topic of "how the workforce can support recovery"

Date: Mon June 25th until Fri June 29th 2012

'Some experience of the mental health system will be needed, but the course is intended to be relevant to mental health staff from any professional background; service managers; students; clinical, academic and service user researchers.'

Organiser: Dr Mike Slade

Faculty: Prof Dinesh Bhugra, Dr Jed Boardman, Prof Tom Craig, Sally Gomme, Dr John Larsen, Dr Julie Repper, Dr Glenn Roberts, Dr Diana Rose, Dr Prof Geoff Shepherd, Dr Heather Straughan, Prof Graham Thornicroft

Day 1

Monday June 25th

"What is recovery?" (Lectures)

Six sessions: 1) What is personal recovery? (Lecturer: Dr Mike Slade ~ 9.30-10.30am); BREAK: 10.30 until 11am; 2) Recovery and user-led research (Lecturer: Dr Diana Rose ~ 11am-12 noon); 3) Recovery and peer leadership (Lecturer: Dr Heather Straughan ~ 12-1pm); LUNCH: 1pm until 2pm; 4) Recovery and psychosis (Lecturer: Professor Tom Craig ~ 2-3pm); 5) Recovery and culture (Lecturer: Professor Dinesh Bhugra ~ 3-4pm); BREAK: 4pm until 4.15pm; 6) Recovery and stigma (Professor Graham Thornicroft ~ 4.15-5.15pm); 5.15pm - SOCIAL - Drinks at a local pub

Day 2

Tuesday June 26th

"How workers can support recovery"

A workshop divided into four parts, throughout the day: 9.30am until 5.15pm

Lecturer: Dr Glenn Roberts

Day 3

Wednesday June 27th

"How teams can support recovery"

A workshop divided into four parts, throughout the day: 9.30am until 5.15pm

Lecturers: Dr John Larsen & Sally Gomme

Day 4

Thursday June 28th

"How the workforce can support recovery"

A workshop divided into four parts, throughout the day: 9.30am until 5.15pm

Lecturer: Dr Julie Repper

Day 5

Friday June 29th

"How the organisation can support recovery"

A workshop divided into four parts, throughout the day: 9.30am until 5.15pm

Lecturers: Professor Geoff Shepherd & Dr Jed Boardman

Further Information

For more details:

Course overview:

Recovery reading list for this short course:

Venue: Seminar Room 1 (Ground Floor), David Goldberg Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, Denmark Hill Campus, De Crespigny Park, London, SE5 8AF

Contact Form page of King's College London:

Cost: Standard Fee £1,000, Student Fee: £750. Application closing date: Tuesday 19th June 2012

Dementia Awareness Week 2012

'Remember The Person' Behind The Dementia

Sunday May 20th to Saturday 26th May

Dementia Awareness Week takes places in England, Northern Ireland and Wales between the 20th and 26th May. The Alzheimer's Society says:

'Remember the person is our annual flagship awareness-raising campaign. It's our big opportunity to raise awareness and understanding of dementia and to get people to 'remember the person' behind the dementia'

'Tea For Two' Fundraising Ideas:

YouTube Caroline's story - Remember the person - Dementia Awareness Week 2012:

Five things you should know about dementia:

Alzheimer's Society services in Nottinghamshire:

Mental Health And Police Custody

The Care And Management Of Detainees With Mental Health Problems

'Approximately half of all deaths in, or following police custody involve detainees with some form of mental health problem.' IPCC

It is vital for increased multi-agency working to improve practices in the care and management of these detainees

Online Resources:

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) ~ 'Mental Health & Police Custody' web page:

IPCC 'Police Custody as a “Place of Safety”: Examining the Use of Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983' :

Maria Docking, Kerry Grace and Tom Bucke
IPCC Research and Statistics Series: Paper 11 (2008). ISBN 978-0-9556387-1-8

Home Office: 'Guidance on the safer detention & handling of persons in police custody' (2006) ~

Produced on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Home Office by the National Centre for Policing Excellence

Department of Health: 'Code of Practice ~ Mental Health Act 1983' (Revised 2008):

BBC News website, a report by Angus Stickler: Deaths in custody 'understated':

BBC Radio 4: File on Four - 'Police Restraint' ~ a podcast:

Read the transcript to Angus Stickler's report:

It includes the use of the term 'Excited Delirium' to explain some deaths.. There are disagreements among medical professionals about this diagnosis

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism ~ Deaths in Police Custody: ‘Excited delirium’ or ‘sudden-in-custody-death-syndrome’:

'National Statistician’s Review of IPCC statistics on deaths during or following police contact':

'Safer Detention of People with Mental Health Problems - Half-Day Briefing':

Date: Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Venue: Central London

One of the speakers is Darren Eaton, Clinical Lead - 136 Suite, Nottinghamshire PCT; others include: Sean Duggan, Chief Executive, Centre for Mental Health; Kevin Huish, Custody and Mental Health Lead, The Police Federation; Jim Symington, Former Deputy Director, National Mental Health Development Unit; and Michael Brown, Inspector, West Midlands Police

(Now closed, due to expired date)

Self Help Nottingham Network Event

Click the logo, above, to go to Self Help Nottingham's website

Self Help Nottingham Hosted A Mental Health SHGs Network Event

Venue: Self Help Nottingham, Ormiston House, 32-36 Pelham Street, Nottingham NG1 2EG

Date: Thursday 3rd May 2012

Time: 2.30pm until 4.30pm

The 'Mental Health Self Help Groups Network Event' helped to connect various mental health self help groups with each other. A number of groups were represented, including Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN)

Garry Bevis, (Service Manager, Acute Care Network), was a guest speaker from Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. He held a question and answer session, where many topics were raised

One answer to a question of why SPAN closed in March 2011, was that it was closed on purely financial grounds. (If you would like to know more about SPAN, please see the SPAN page.)

There were many other interesting topics raised. Garry talked about the mental health reforms currently being rolled out and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. He also talked about how the Commissioning Board, who will oversee the Clinical Commissioning Group's (CCG'S), such as Principia Rushcliffe (now called 'NHS Rushcliffe CCG') who will be one among the other CCG's in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire that will be responsible for health services, both mental and physical

A big thanks was given to Garry. After he left, there was a round of updates from groups and to 'boast about our achievements'. The groups' representatives gave a brief description of their groups

In the final part of the event, Caroline Bell (Groups Training and Development Manager) and her assistant Laura Marano (Groups Training and Development Worker) briefly took us through the 'Five Ways to Wellbeing' from the New Economics Foundation (NEF). To find out more, see our news item about the 5 ways to wellbeing, further down this page, or click this link:

Members of the NP2PN group thought the meeting, our first, was very helpful. Although the heating was a bit high in the room.

Self Help Nottingham website:

(Don't forget that this is Self Help Nottingham's 30th year. Thank you for being there!)

To see the Health and Social Care Act 2012: (PDF file - 454 pages)

To be sent a copy of the free 'Notts Peer To Peer Network e-Newsletter'

Please send your email address, saying you would like a copy, or complete the Contact Form

You will be sent a free copy, via email. It will contain additional content, that is not found elsewhere on this website and is interactive

Click for the

The Cedars Site Up For Sale. SPAN Next?

Innes England are the sale agents. Their advert above

Details of the Sale on Innes England Website

The advert says: 'Health Care, Land (residential), Residential conversion opportunity. 11,657 square feet (1,083 sq metres)'

'The Cedars, Foster Drive, Mansfield Road, Nottingham' (NG5 3FP)

'Former rehabilitation unit with attractive grounds suitable for residential development (subject to planning)'

Innes England website not as user friendly for getting the details. Therefore, was used website has details of the asking price:

Freehold Asking price: £2,750,000 (GBP)

This is next to the former 'SPAN' rehabilitation education centre grounds. Is 'SPAN' site for sale next?

What do you think? Leave any comments on Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) Forum:

Nottingham Recovery College And Summer 2012 Prospectus

Nottingham Recovery College, Based at Duncan Macmillan House (above)

(Formerly The Nottingham Recovery Education Centre and based at 702 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 3FW)

The Nottingham Recovery College Hub:

Duncan Macmillan House, Porchester Road, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 6AA

It is open to students from 10am until 4pm Mon-Fri (If a course starts before these times, the college will be open)

The hub (headquarters) for the newly named Nottingham Recovery College, (formerly the Nottingham Recovery Education Centre), has a range of courses on offer and resources for students

They also have a student union, which has a growing range of clubs and societies. Or you can 'start your own social event.' Once you have gone through the enrolment process, and if you want to become a student union member, you can pick up your Student Union card on the following days: Mon, between 10am and 1pm; Weds, between 1pm and 4pm; and Fri 12.30pm and 3pm

Course Venues:

Duncan Macmillan House, Porchester Road, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 6AA

Clifton Centre, Southchurch Drive, Clifton, Nottingham NG11 8AB

702 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 3FW

Tel: 0115 956 0827

Nottingham Recovery College Summer 2012 Term Prospectus


The Summer Prospectus 2012 above, (April to July 2011) with 46 Courses

The Courses Are Divide Into Five Sections

Each section has a variety of courses

1) Understanding Experience of Mental Health Issues, Treatment and Options ~ 11 courses

2) Building your Life with Mental Health Issues and Challenges ~ 18 courses

3) Developing Skills ~ 10 courses

4) Getting Involved (including a page on 'Other Ways To Get Involved') ~ 5 courses

5) Families, Friends and Loved Ones ~ 2 courses

For a list of all the courses, please click this link:

Most courses are at Duncan Macmillan House, but a few are at the Clifton Centre, Southchurch Drive, Clifton, Nottingham, or 702 Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham

Animals And Human Mental Health

Animals And Human Mental Health ~ Research

Some information about how animals may help people with a mental health problem

From the 'Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy: Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines for Practice' ~ Edited by Aubrey H. Fine (First edition: 2001, Third ed: 2010)

Chapter 2: 'Animal-assisted interventions in mental health:definitions and theoretical foundations ': (PDF)

Chapter 2: Katherine A. Kruger and James A. Serpell, Center for the interaction of Animals and Society, Department of Clinical Studies, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

'Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling and School Settings' by Cynthia Chandler (October 2001): (PDF)

Quote: 'The integration of animal-assisted therapy into clinical psychology was first credited in 1962 to the child psychologist, Boris Levinson, with his paper published in Mental Hygiene, “The dog as a ‘co therapist’.” Levinson discovered he could make significant progress with a disturbed child when Levinson’s dog, Jingles, attended therapy sessions. He went on to find that many children who were withdrawn and uncommunicative would interact positively with the dog (Levinson, 1969). Animal-assisted therapy has a long, but undocumented history, and it has only been in the last half of the twentieth century that research and profess'

From 'The benefits of companion animals for human mental and physical health' ~ Maggie O’Haire, Centre for Companion Animal Health, School of Veterinary Science, University of
Queensland, BRISBANE QLD 4072: (PDF)

2009 RSPCA Australia Scientific Seminar

'Animals As Therapy In Mental Health' ~ Guidance for establishing Animal Therapy in a Healthcare setting ~ The State Hospital “An account of practical, physical, emotional and behavioural features”: (PDF)

The State Hospital (part of the NHS in Scotland), Carstairs, Lanark ML11 8RP, Garden & Pet Therapy Centre ~ August 2007

Stonebridge City Farm, a place to enjoy animals and plants

Stonebridge city farm, in Nottingham: Registered charity number:1125245

Click the cow above to see a YouTube video of a day out by Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN)

There is another YouTube video of the same event, but with no sound and occasional text for people with hearing disabilities

To go to the Notts Peer To Peer Network's YouTube Channel:

A few essential bits of information for Stonebridge City Farm

Enjoy a day out at Stonebridge City Farm: Free Admission! Opening times: 10am until 4pm (Sundays open at 11am)

Stonebridge City Farm website:

Address: Stonebridge Road, St Anns, Nottingham NG3 2FR

Tel: 0115 950 5113

Protection For Vulnerable Adults

BBC Panorama Programme ~ Dementia Patient Abused In Care Home

A daughter secretly filmed her mother's room in a London care home (Ash Court Care Centre)

The BBC website for Panorama says: 'Panorama reveals the appalling treatment of an elderly care home resident with dementia, captured on film after a concerned relative hid a secret camera. The abuse - in a care home passed as "excellent" by the national regulator, the Care Quality Commission - has led to five care workers being sacked, with one pleading guilty to assault.'

It was screened on BBC1 (Mon 23rd April 2012 at 8.30pm), called 'Panorama Undercover: Elderly Care with Fiona Phillips'

To view the programme, 'Panorama Undercover: Elderly Care with Fiona Phillips', click this link:

(This topic is unusually long, due to the additional links and material available, and the importance of the issue of protecting vulnerable adults)

(Brief definition: Abuse can be physical, sexual, financial, emotional, neglect or discrimination and could take place at home, in a residential or nursing home, in a hospital, at college or in a public place)

Follow Up To The Panorama Programme And Additional Websites:

Full statement from the Care Quality Commission: BBC Panorama: Ash Court Care Centre (16/04/201) ~

Care Quality Commission (CQC) website:

Their website says: 'Our job is to check whether hospitals, care homes and care services are meeting government standards.'

CQC responds to care home abuse on BBC radio 4's Today programme:

Jill Finney, deputy chief executive of the Care Quality Commission, said that a report written by the regulator following an inspection of the home "made clear it was a safeguarding incident" whereby there was a case of abuse.

"concealed abuse very hard to find", adding that the priority of the CQC was "to look after those still receiving care in the home"

Judy Downey, head of the Relatives & Residents Association, said that the issue was that about 70% of people in care have dementia so they cannot speak up for themselves and don't have relatives to look out for them

The Relatives & Residents Association website:

Their website says: 'The Relatives & Residents Association exists for older people needing, or living in, residential care and the families and friends left behind at home.'

Full statement from Forest Healthcare: Statement for Panorama, re programme broadcast on 23/04/12 ~

Ash Court Care Centre:

How to complain about a health or social care service

Care Quality Commission:

You can contact the CQC by emailing: or telephoning: 03000 616161

CQC Opening Hours: 8.30am until 5.30pm, Mon-Fri

How to complain about a health or social care service (Audio):

Public Concern at Work:

Their website says: 'Public Concern at Work is the whistleblowing charity. Established in 1993, we have led the new approach to whistleblowing that - both at home and abroad - recognises the key role it can play in anticipating and avoiding serious risks that arise in and from the workplace.'

Public Concern at Work can be contacted on: 020 7404 6609

Public Concern at Work website:

Safeguarding Adults in Nottm & Notts:

'Nottinghamshire Probation Trust is a key partner on the Adult Safeguarding Boards in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire. Each Board is made up of agencies including local authorities, police and health to safeguard vulnerable adults from harm.'

Safeguarding Adults in Notts webpage:

Safeguarding Adults City Council webpage:

Related Items:

YouTube video from the CQC, uses an 'Expert by Experience' ~ Listening matters:

The Guardian ~ 'NHS watchdog chief Cynthia Bower resigns':

Alzheimer's Society ~ About dementia:

Bullying At Work - Workplace Stress

Notts Peer To Peer Network's Training page has links to sites on how to deal with bullying at work

To Find out more, click this link:

Another report of abuse uncovered by a BBC Panorama programme in May 2011

The Panorama programme, on the 31st May 2011, called 'Undercover Care: The Abuse Exposed' on the BBC exposed abuse towards patients, who included people with learning disabilities, autism, mental illness and personality disorders

For information on the Panorama programme on abuse, click this link:

Additional Items:

The Guardian: 'Former care homes inspector arrested over bribery allegations':

For those in the NHS and social care sector, a 'whistle blowing' line:

BBC News/Health 09/Nov/2011: NHS: Elderly care dossier shows 'shameful attitude':

CQC ~ Dignity and nutrition inspection programme ~ National overview:

No secrets: Guidance on developing and implementing multi-agency policies and procedures to protect vulnerable adults from abuse: (Dept of Health and Home Office. Pub: 20th March 2000)

Adult safeguarding practices ~ How can the systems for protecting adults with learning disabilities from abuse and poor practice be better understood and implemented? (Outline of a research project funded by the National Institute for Health Research [NIHR] School for Social Care Research)

'Safeguarding and best practice in services for adults with learning disabilities'

Additions And Updates On Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN)

A Couple of New Additions to the Info Page and Updates Across the NP2PN website

The NP2PN website is always looking to improve and evolve

A priority is to give as much information about groups and organisations in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, where people may find the information they are looking for

This may include information about statutory and non-statutory agencies predominantly concerned with mental health, but not exclusive to them. Training, and other information that may be of help and interest in your search is also included on the various pages

This rolling news section is a great place to look for updates on a wide variety of topics. Other updates relate to the design of the website and these can be found throughout the site. This too is an evolutionary process, as many of you may have seen.This may involve adding more sections to pages, such as the film section on the 'Chill Out' page and additions to the 'Recovery' page. Plus making the site's navigation system more streamlined

Three new groups/organisations added recently are:

Rushcliffe Mental Health Support Group;

SHE ~ Survivors Helping Each other, Newark

Principia Rushcliffe and five other Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's) in Nottingham & Notts

Pricipia Rushcliffe is now called: 'NHS Rushcliffe CCG'

Click the underlined group/organisation, above, to go to that section on the NP2PN 'Info' page

If you have any information about helpful support groups or news items, please send them to this email address:

Thank you

There Is More To An Alcoholic Than Alcoholism

A Photographic Exhibition: Gimson Road by Georgina Wrench

An on going project documenting Georgina's father, who suffers from alcohol dependency

'an unexpected journey allowing contemplation of the man my father had become and the effect his illness has had on immediate family. For the past seven years, I have been witnessing the deterioration of my father’s physical and mental health which has of course been playing a massive part in my life to date'

'... For me, it was only natural that I should photograph someone I love so much, remembering all memories whether they be comforting or sad, remembering my father accurately and it is for this reason why I continue to document my father for as long as I am able to'

Venue: Wallner Gallery, Lakeside Arts Centre, University Park, Off University Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 2RD

Admission Free

Wallner Gallery & Pavilion Cafe Opening Times: Mon to Sat: 9am until 5pm (until 11pm on performance evenings); Sun: 10am until 5pm

How to get there:

Google Maps:

Date: Sat 21st April until Sun 27th May 2012

Website information on Gimson Road, Wallner Gallery:

See the photographs at 'Documenting My Father' by Georgina Wrench website:

Related Items

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) ~ addiction section of the 'Info' page:

All Saints’ Peace Garden

Opportunity To Enjoy Gardening And The Peace Garden

'The Peace Garden at All Saints’ Church has now been passed into the care of the church (All Saint's) by the people who originally started the project, John Ferris and his late wife Carol. We would like to thank them both and other Rethink members, for all their hard work on the garden which will continue in the community spirit in which it was set up and originally intended.'

'As a result of this the leadership of this project has passed into the hands of Julia Atkins, Churchwarden of All Saints’.'

'If anyone would like to volunteer help, time, funds, plants, tools, equipment or ideas for the project you can find us there most Tuesdays after communion, about 10.30am.'

'All welcome for a chat and a cuppa, come along and see what we are up to.'

'Alternatively, or to check that we are going to be there, you can call Julia on' : 07855 028 664

Or email:

'We look forward to hearing from you'

(From the parish of All Saints, St Mary and St Peter, Nottingham: Parish Notices, dated 15th April 2012)

Google Map:

All Saints' Peace Garden:

The Guardian obituary for Carol:

Related Items

There are many organisations and much evidence that gardening can play an important role in rehabilitation

Thrive (a national registered charity ~ number 277570) promoting therapeutic and social horticulture:

'Using garedning to change lives' ~ when page opens, press the 'Download File' button:

From Thrive: 'Harnessing the mood-boosting power of gardening':

MIND ~ 'Ecotherapy: 'The green agenda for mental health':

'Treating the Maniacs? ~ Horticulture as Therapy: from Benjamin Rush to the present day' :

Draft of paper presented at ‘Horticultural Geographies’ conference, Nottingham University, UK, September 17th and 18th 2003

Joe Sempik, Jo Aldridge and Saul Becker. Centre for Child and Family Research, Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University, Leicestershire LE113TU

Scotland's First Formalised Peer Support Worker Qualification


The PDA In Mental Health Peer Support, At SCQF Level 7

Scotland's first national qualification in Peer Support

Leslie Smith, Scottish Recovery Network's (SRN), Network Officer, recently attended the launch of Scotland's first national qualification in Peer Support

The Professional Development Award (PDA) in Mental Health Peer Support Award is made up of two units with 40 hours each of teaching and learning:


  • Explore the development of the recovery approach in mental health
  • Define and understand peer support and its role in recovery
  • Describe and explain the key concepts of formalised peer support


  • Apply a range of theories and concepts in the peer support role
  • Develop relationships based on peer support principles
  • Understand perspectives of the work role

Please go to Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) Recovery Page for links and more information:

MIND - 'The Daily Stigma'

MIND Highlights The Often Unfair Portrayal Of Welfare Claimants

'A spoof paper ~ 'The Daily Stigma' has been produced by the mental health charity Mind to highlight how people claiming sickness benefits, particularly those with mental health problems, are being unfairly demonised by parts of the press'

The Daily Stigma:

Guardian Article:

Related Item

Welfare reform anxiety making people ill:

'Mind warns that the national rollout of benefits reassessment is causing widespread distress amongst Incapacity Benefit (IB) claimants with mental health problems'

The Carers’ Council 2012 Conference

"We Are All In This Together"

“We are all in this together - improving communications and partnership in mental health”

The conference 'will encourage service users, carers, families and professionals from health and social care to work more closely together'

The conference is being run by the Carers’ Council - Allies in Adult Mental Health

There will be an interactive theatre, provided by Indigo Brave to create live situations for delegates

The conference aims to address a number of key challenges:

1) The major changes in the structure of health and social care driven by government policy, and demands for more creative use of resources; 2) Improving the engagement of carers in developing care plans and supporting relatives at points of entry to and exit from health and social care services; 3) Improving awareness of the value that carers and families bring to care; 4) Improving communication in the delivery of ‘joined up’ health and social care services

Venue: Everyday Champions Conference Centre, Brunel Business Park, Newark NG24 2AG

When: Friday 27th April 2012

Free entry, but booking is required

For more information about times and to book a place

Contact: Peter Robinson at the Carers’ Council on 01623 512 607


Carers’ Council - Allies in Adult Mental Health, Nottingham: A group of people supporting carers of adults with enduring mental health problems. Aims to be the key contact with services decision makers, a focus on carers and their issues and to be a resource for carers throughout Nottinghamshire. Registered Charity Number: 1073466

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust's 'OSCARS' 2012

The Trust's Annual Awards Programme

The Outstanding Service Contribution And Recognition Awards.. or 'OSCARS'

The results:

  • 1. The Unsung Hero Award - Non-Clinical Setting: Richard Murden (Care and Environment Co-ordinator, Thorneywood Adolescent Unit, Nottingham)

  • 2. The Unsung Hero Award - Clinical Setting: Caroline Prance (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Thorneywood, Nottingham)

  • 3. The Leadership Award: Karen Elliott (Manager, Speech and Language and Arts Therapies, Rampton Hospital, Retford)

  • 4. The Equality & Diversity Award: Peer Support Worker Team City and County (Highbury Hospital, Nottingham and Millbrook Mental Health Unit, Sutton-in-Ashfield)

  • 5. The Innovator of the Year Award: Dr Emma Meldrum (Clinical Psychologist, Specialist CAMHS, Thorneywood, Nottingham)

  • 6. The Liam O'Neill Fighting Stigma Award: The Panthers Project Team (Millbrook Mental Health Unit, Sutton-in-Ashfield)

  • 7. The Team of the Year Award - Non-Clinical Setting: Peaks Education Team (Peaks Unit, Rampton Hospital, Retford)

  • 8. The Team of the Year Award - Clinical Setting: Nottinghamshire Specialist Epilepsy and Learning Disability Team (Highbury Hospital, Nottingham)

  • 9. The Dean Fathers Honorary Award: Alison Wright (Health Visitor, Park House Medical Centre, Nottingham)

  • 10. The Lifetime Achievement Award: Nick Daibell (General Manager, Adult Mental Health County, Millbrook Mental Health Unit, Sutton-in-Ashfield)

Congratulation to all the winners, and to all the nominees

For full details of all the winners and nominees, see the special edition of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust's 'Positive' magazine 'OSCARS' 2012

Please click here:

Glossary Of Terms - On The Recovery Page

Language Is Powerful

Recovery can mean different things to different people. It is a multifaceted process

A few important terms, used in the 'recovery' vocabulary are included on the NP2PN 'Recovery' page

There are topics on the power and importance of language use in the Spring issue of Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) e-Newsletter

Click the 'Contact Form' to order your free copy:

To go to the Glossary section, click here:

Recovery People

The Recovery Process

On the Recovery page, is a list of people with experience and/or are knowledgeable in recovery processes

They have been/are involved in the investigation of recovery in mental health

It is mainly UK focused, but there are links to other recovery-orientated sites around the world

Click here to go to this Recovery page section:

More people will be added

Update: The Health and Social Care Act 2012

The Bill Has Been Passed

'An Act to establish and make provision about a National Health Service Commissioning Board and clinical commissioning groups and to make other provision about the National Health Service in England; to make provision about public health in the United Kingdom; to make provision about regulating health and adult social care services; to make provision about public involvement in health and social care matters, scrutiny of health matters by local authorities and co-operation between local authorities and commissioners of health care services; to make provision about regulating health and social care workers; to establish and make provision about a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence; to establish and make provision about a Health and Social Care Information Centre and to make other provision about information relating to health or social care matters; to abolish certain public bodies involved in health or social care; to make other provision about health care; and for connected purposes.[27th March 2012]'

To see the Health and Social Care Act 2012: (PDF file - 454 pages)

News item from 2011 archive:

To leave your comments go to the NP2PN Forum:

Health and Social Care Act 2012 - New Structure of the NHS, after 2013

The diagram below, shows the structure of the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition Government's radical health reform of the NHS. The Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, and the Coalition has forced the bill through the Houses of Parliament

Principia Rushcliffe* is 1 of 240 CCG's. The new structure should be fully in place by April 3013

* Pricipia Rushcliffe is now called: 'NHS Rushcliffe CCG'

Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) E-newsletter Spring 2012

Order Your Free (NP2PN) E-newsletter

Please fill in the Contact Form

Click for the Contact Form

This issue is a special, as NP2PN is now over one year old

Items include :

  • Comments from people about NP2PN and the Gateway

  • Recovery

  • The power and importance of language use

  • Plus the regular chill out page

  • A couple of Spring time YouTube clips, quotes and what's on locally

  • And some statistics on the number of visitors to the website over the past year

Content in the e-Newsletter can not be found elsewhere on the NP2PN website

Notice of Easter Break at the Gateway drop in, Nottingham

One Week Easter Break

Gateway drop in, St James's Room, at St Peter's Church, St Peter's Gate, Nottingham NG1 2NW

The Gateway will be closed for one week over Easter

Open on Wednesday 4th April 2012 (1.30pm until 3.30pm)

Closed on Wednesday 11th April 2012 (Easter Holiday)

Open again on Wednesday 18th April 2012 (1.30pm until 3.30pm)

Five Ways To Wellbeing

The 5 suggested ways to wellbeing

Small Simple Steps To Make Your Workplace Healthier

Five steps that have been researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation (founded in 1986)

It draws on a wealth of psychological literature. 'The concept of wellbeing comprises two main elements: feeling good and functioning well. Feelings of happiness, contentment, enjoyment, curiosity and engagement are characteristic of someone who has a positive experience of their life. Equally important for wellbeing is our functioning in the world. Experiencing positive relationships, having some control over one's life and having a sense of purpose are all important attributes of wellbeing.'

Mind's web page about the five steps:

The New Economics Foundation Guide, 'Five Ways To Wellbeing' web page:

The New Economics Foundation Guide, 'Five Ways To Wellbeing'


The Impact of the Government's Mental Health Strategy, 'No Health Without Mental Health'

'The Mental Health Strategy, system reforms and spending pressures: what do we know so far?'

A paper commissioned by the Centre for Mental Health, the Mental Health Foundation, Mind and Rethink Mental Illness by an independent researcher, Dr Susan O'Connor

'Dr O’Connor undertook a survey of 24 national organisations to identify key themes from intelligence they had received to date from their members. A brief questionnaire was sent followed up by either a face-to-face or phone interviews with the 17 organisations that responded.'

'There are considerable pressures on all publicly funded services including those for people with mental health problems. Although there is no evidence to suggest that mental health services are being disproportionately cut, particularly in the NHS, these pressures are, nonetheless, having a significant impact on a range of services across the country.'

To see the paper, click here:

(A PDF file)

Related Items

'No Health without Mental Health: a guide for general practice':

New Horizons: YouTube video of Dr Susan O'Connor:

(Presentation from Sustainability, Arts & Mental Health Event held on 1 July 2009)

('New Horizons is a comprehensive programme of action for improving the mental well-being of the population and the services that care for people with poor mental health by 2020')

Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) New Leaflet

Outside cover of the leaflet

Notts Peer To Peer Network's New Leaflet

Inside cover of the leaflet

NP2PN's New Leaflet

It is a tri-fold leaflet explaining what NP2PN is about

With brief descriptions of some aspects of the website, such as the Forum, the News Page, the Information Page, the Chill Out Page, the Recovery Page, an About Us Page, and the Training Page

It has information on the back page about the Gateway drop in centre, in Nottingham City Centre

Download from the NP2PN Home page, for free:

Or complete the contact form, quoting 'Send Leaflet'

Link to contact form:

Positive Writing Group

New Members Invited To Join The Positive Writing Group

An article in Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust's 'Positive' newsletter says:

'Anyone interested in developing a budding talent, expressing themselves with words, or enjoying a relaxed afternoon discussing writing or the arts among friends, is welcome to attend'

Expert support available

Photography is also an activity of some members of the group

Venue: The Involvement Centre, Duncan Macmillan House, Porchester Road, Nottingham NG3 6AA

When: Every second Friday of the month

Time: 1pm until 3pm

Contact Tel: Jane Danforth (Involvement Officer) 0115 952 9430


See the full article in the March 2012 edition of 'Positive' page 14:

New Base For The Recovery Education Centre?

Duncan Macmillan House in Nottingham is a huge site/campus

Is this a better place for the Nottingham Recovery Education Centre to be based?

(The College has relocated from 702 Mansfield Road)

Front entrance of Duncan Macmillan House

The College is at the rear of Duncan Macmillan House

Many things are now undertaken at Duncan Macmillan House

What do you think?

Vote in NP2PN Poll:

You can join for free and leave your vote and any comments

It's easy to join the Forum, click the YouTube logo to find out more:

Gedling Follow On Recovery Group (formerly Open Minds)

The Gedling Follow On Recovery Group Meets Every Tuesday

Venue: New venue to be announced soon

Meetings: Every Tuesday

Time: 1pm until 3pm

Requirements for membership:

Be referred by doctor/psychiatrist

Have been on the 8 week recovery course at the Manor Centre

(Gedling Community Mental Health Team based at Manor Road, Carlton, Gedling, Nottingham)

Contact for group: Chris ( Peer Support Worker)

Activities include some of the following:

Social group includes trips, ten-pin bowling, meals out together

Chess, Scrabble, quiz, etc.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, community mental health service:

Martin Jackaman Centre For People With Learning Disabilities

Above: Martin Jackaman

Martin Jackaman Centre Opens

The new day centre for people with learning disabilities opened on Monday 5th March.

The refurbishment of the former Aspley Wood Special School building cost Nottingham City Council £900,000

The new Martin Jackaman day centre service replaces Bestwood Day Centre

The centre in Aspley includes a hydrotherapy pool and two "changing places" toilets for people with disabilities

Martin Jackaman, who the centre has been named after, grew up in Aspley and worked tirelessly to persuade developers to install the toilets in public buildings

Nottingham Post story:

Nottingham City Learning Disability Partnership Board website:

Google maps location of the Martin Jackaman Centre:

Dyslexia Action - Website Taster Sessions

Drop in to our

Website taster sessions!

'Come and discover websites where you can find a range of information and interactive resources which could help you support dyslexia in your family'

ICT help offered if needed.

Refreshments available

Date: 5th until the 8th March

Time: 10.30 until 3.30pm

Address: Dyslexia Action Nottingham Centre, 1a Bridlelesmith Gate, Bottle Lane, Nottingham NG1 2GR


Centre Administrator: Jane Thacker

Address: 1a Brdlesmith Gate, Bottle Lane, Nottingham NG1 2GR

Tel: 0115 948 3849

National website:

Nottingham Speakers' Corner (NSC)

Click the picture above to go to the NSC website

Freedom of Speech: Your Right

In the age of the internet full of blogs, Tweets and Facebook, there is still an important place for face to face interaction. This information about Nottingham Speakers' Corner is given to remind you of places where you can make your voice heard

The Nottingham Speakers' Corner leaflet says:

'Speakers' Corner is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can gather to speak about what excites or bothers them - and Nottingham's Speakers' Corner is the first in the UK since the original was set up in London almost 150 years ago'

Code of Conduct:

'Use of the site is open to members of the public and organisations at any time. It's your platform and you don't need permission to use it.'

But when using the site please respect a few basic courtesies:-

  • Please do not use offensive language
  • Please respect alternative opinions
  • Please show respect and courtesy to other speakers and members of the public, including hecklers
  • Please do not use amplification
  • Please respect other people's right to speak and, if others are waiting, limit your time to a maximum of 30 minutes (though effective speeches might last only 10 minutes or so)

The leaflet goes on to say:

Ten tips for speaking in public

  • Think about what you want to achieve from your speech. Set one clear objective and plan your message
  • Think about who will be listening. What will they be interested in? Plan your speech to attract your audience and hold their attention
  • Bring some friends to support and encourage you and to help attract an audience
  • Shape your speech with a clear beginning, middle and close
  • Use stories, examples, anecdotes and quotes to bring your speech to life. Use humour - but only if it comes naturally
  • If it helps, use note cards with bullet-points rather than a full written speech. This way you can look up and talk to the crowd
  • You don't need to shout to be heard - just fill your lungs and project your voice
  • Use face and body movements for more 'drama' and impact. It's easier to smile than frown!
  • Be prepared to listen and respond to your audience
  • Above all, enjoy the experience!

Location: NSC is located at the bottom of Kings Street/Queens Street, near the Brian Clough statue

In Nottingham City Centre

Nottingham Speakers Corner (NSC) website:


NSC Twitter page:

NSC Facebook page:

Listen to Des Coleman, actor and TV presenter giving tips about speaking in public:

National Organisation ~ The Speakers' Corner Trust:

Scope Suspends Involvement With Workfare

Richard Hawkes, chief executive of Scope has said on Scope's news page:

"We have taken a decision to suspend our involvement in the Workfare programme.

We know there are many disabled people who want to work but struggle to get the right support or the right opportunities to build skills, confidence and experience.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with the Government to ensure it understands the reality of disabled people's lives and how different types of support could be delivered."

Scope involvement with Workfare update: 11 April 2012

'Following a thorough investigation into its involvement with the Workfare work experience scheme, Scope has decided to lift its temporary suspension of the scheme. The charity is also introducing a new Placement Agreement...'

Scope news page on this item:

Go to Scope's Twitter page:

Related Items

Work Experience for ESA Claimants: Comments from the Centre for Mental Health, Hafal, the Mental Health Foundation, Mind, Rethink Mental Illness, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and the Scottish Association for Mental Health:

Guardian article ~ 16th Feb 2012:

FOCUS Newsletter

Click on the FOCUS logo, above, to go to their website

FOCUS, based at Aspley Community and Training Centre *, has a newsletter for you to download

* Aspley Community and Training Centre (ACTC), Off Minver Crescent, Opposite Sherbourne Road, Aspley, Nottingham NG8 5PN

Their mission statement says:

'Helping people work together in support of mental wellbeing.'

'We aim to support people to the best of our ability, to recognize their potential and act on their aspirations and goals as part of their personal wellness.'

They have literacy and numeracy classes, computer classes, a drama group, and luncheon and social groups

Accessing the learning provision:

'For service users who already have a referral to the Social Inclusion and Wellbeing service**; all that is required is an internal referral form which should be completed and passed to Tim'

'For all other referrers please complete a TeamWork application form**.'

** Part of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust:

Focus email address:

To go to the Training page and the link to the Focus newsletter:

This news item is now out dated ~ see 'Nottingham Focus on Wellbeing' information on the 'Training' page for up-to-date email and website information

Factory For Disabled People To Close

Sherwood Industries Website Now Closed

Sherwood Industries, (Rainworth, Notts) a furniture factory that employs people with learning and physical disabilities is expected to close by the end of the year, with 45 jobs set to go

Notts County Council has confirmed the plans to stop funding

A consultation process to close the factory began in October 2011. 196 questionnaires were received by the council, with 161 saying they didn't want the business to close. A 986 signature petition was presented to the council on the 26th January 2012

Opposition parties, unions and disabled people's groups (like the Nottinghamshire Disabled Peoples Movement) have spoken out against the closure since it was first mentioned in September 2011

The move to close Sherwood Industries will be discussed at a full council meeting Agenda item 6

(This item is no longer at this web site location, but it will be in the council archives)

Date: Thursday 23rd February 2012

Venue: County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7Q

Time: Commences at 10am

The meeting is part of Notts County Council's budget meeting

To find out more, the Post has a full story, please click this link:

BBC News Nottingham report on this story:

Sherwood Industries website: (now closed)

Nottinghamshire Disabled Peoples Movement:

To search the Nottinghamshire County Council Diary:

Online Discussion ~ Community Of Interest

27th February 2012 (Mon) ~ 10am until 2pm (drop-in)

Main Reception: Highbury Hospital, Nottingham NG6 9DR

Information from a poster about the event, form Notts Healthcare NHS Trust:

'The Online Discussion Community of Interest are re-launching the Trust's Values Exchange with 3 exciting case discussions online from 13th February 2012

Join us on 27th February (Mon) 2012 to:

Meet the Community of Interest members or even join if you like

Learn more about Values Exchange; see it in action and sign up to join the debate

Or just come for a chat and a cake!

Look out for us in the February 2012 edition of 'Positive' newsletter (see below)

By joining the Trust's Values Exchange community you can influence education of our future workforce, debate with colleagues and service users/carers across the Trust and influence service provision, all from the comfort of your chair!

For more information contact rachel. or access Values Exchange via the Trust intranet (link on the right hand side of home page)'

Related To The Story Above

To go to the Values Exchange, click the logo above

Values Exchange: make yourself heard

This is an extract from the February issue of Notts Healthcare NHS Trust 'Positive' newsletter (page 9):

'A new online tool is providing a one-stop resource for surveys and debate. The trust’s values exchange (VX) hosts surveys, debates and case studies and offers an easy way to encourage service users, carers, the public and professionals to take part.

Anyone can use VX and it is simple to set up new surveys and debates. Responses can be invited from everyone or only from people with specific interests or characteristics.'

To read more, see the February issue of 'Positive' (far right of page 9)

February issue of Notts Healthcare Trust 'Positive' newsletter:

For more information email Rachel Garton: rachel.


You can also join Notts Peer To Peer Network Forum for free: to leave comments

'On The Ball' Funded By Sport Relief

Above: Ian Richardson: Activity Manager ~ NCFC Football in the Community

A BBC East Midlands report on Friday 10th February 2012 (15 min's in)

'How football has helped turn around the life of a young man with schizophrenia'

The BBC East Midlands Today programme reported that a young man, aged 27 years, who has suffered from schizophrenia since his teens has been helped by the 'On The Ball' project, funded by Sport Relief

He has never worked and is on medication for his illness. He said of the 'On The Ball' project, "it literally saved me. It saved my life." He is now captain of Notts County Pan Disability team. He says it has given him responsibility and that he has met new friends and has had a positive impact on his life

The project provides coaching and discussion around football, where vulnerable people can acquire new skills and confidence and meet new friends. The project has secure funding for the next three years from Sport Relief

Football in the Community webpage:


The Staff of Football in the Community:

Ian Richardson, Activity Manager:

On the Staff page of Football in the Community, Ian says:

'...I co-ordinate On The Ball, which is a mental health project, aimed at isolated men. We use football to address mental health issues. These include: emotional wellbeing, building confidence and self-esteem, and improving communication difficulties. I love leading sessions and get a lot back - they're really enjoyable and good fun. I feel needed and that I'm making a positive difference.'

Address: Notts County FC Football in the Community, Meadow Lane, Nottingham NG2 3HJ

Tel: 0115 955 7215

Fax: 0115 955 7233

Sport Relief website:

An article about 'On The Ball' can be found on the Nottingham Post website, with more detail:

Please click this link:

To be sent a copy of the free 'Notts Peer To Peer Network e-Newsletter'

Please send your email address, saying you would like a copy, or complete the Contact Form

You will be sent a free copy, via email. It will contain additional content, that is not found elsewhere on this website and is interactive

Click for the

Guides And Factsheets To Download For Free

On the Info page, there are links to factsheets from organisations like Rethink

These factsheets, from Rethink, include some of the following:

Anxiety Disorders

Challenging Closures

Depression Factsheet

Getting Help in a Crisis

Personality Disorders

And many more

To go to that Info page item, please click this link:

The Rethink Mental Illness factsheets have 'The Information Standard' quality mark

Disability Direct Nottingham Information Officer Visits Gateway Drop In

Click the Disability Direct logo (above) to go to their website

Claire Maskery, Information Officer at Disability Direct Nottingham was invited to come to the Gateway drop in on Wednesday 8th Feb to inform us about Disabilty Direct Nottingham

People at the Gateway asked questions and Claire offered helpful advice on a number of topics

Everyone was grateful for Claire's visit and co-operation between Notts Peer To Peer Network, the Gateway drop in, and Disability Direct Nottingham will be maintained and developed

Disability Direct Nottingham produces a newsletter which can be found on their website

(Registered Charity No. 1079831 ~ Part of the Disability Syndicate)

Claire Maskery, information officer:

Disability Direct Nottingham's website:

For general inquiries: 0115 958 3948

Address: 6 -7 Church Square, Maxwell Close, Nottingham NG7 1SL

For a map of where Disability Direct Nottingham is located, click here:

Steve Boseley, Volunteer Coordinator:

To see NP2PN's entry for Disability Direct Nottingham, click this link:

Also, at the Gateway were a couple of people from the 'Follow on Recovery Group'. Claire was able to offer them helpful advice too

Recovery Partnership ~ Local Access Points (LAP's)

The Recovery Partnership is a group of statutory and third sector organisations, led by Notts Healthcare NHS Trust to help improve access to and pathways through services

'Notts Healthcare NHS Trust has formed a new partnership with Double Impact, Hetty's, the Citizens Advice Bureau and Framework Housing Association to provide new services to individuals, their families and carers living in Nottinghamshire who are currently or have been affected by drugs and alcohol...'


'The new services will operate from 7 community-based Local Access Points (LAP's) across the County...'

Hucknall: The first LAP opened on 1st August 2011 at: 3a Vine Terrace, Hucknall, Notts NG15 7HN

A full programme of services can be obtained from Vine Terrace or call: 0115 840 0656

Sutton-in-Ashfield: The second LAP opened in Sutton-in-Ashfield on the 14th November 2011

The Ashfield LAP can be found next door to the Ashfield Medical Centre, off King Street in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts NG17 1AT

Call the Sutton-in-Ashfield LAP: 01623 272 002 for details

Related Items

Barbara Brady, Consultant in Public Health at NHS Nottinghamshire County; Paul Scarrott, the Assistant Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police; Councillor John Wilmott, Deputy Leader, and Trevor Watson, Acting Service Director Economy, both from Ashfield District Council; all visited the Local Access Point in Sutton-in-Ashfield to find out more about the services offered

To see more, click this link:

News From Notts Healthcare NHS Trust

The Workplace Equality Index:

Stonewall ranks the Trust 13th best employer for lesbian, gay and bisexual people

Only Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust came higher (4th)

The following are the Stonewall top 20 of the top 100 employers in Britain in 2012

1st ~ Ernst & Young, 2nd ~ Home Office, 3rd ~ Barclays, 4th ~ Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, 5th ~ Metropolitan Housing Partnership, 6th ~ Goldman Sachs, 7th ~ Accenture, 8th ~ IBM, 9th ~ Gentoo, 10th Simmons & Simmons, 11th = The Co-operative, 11th = University of Cambridge, 13th ~ Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, 14th ~ Hampshire Constabulary, 15th ~ Brighton & Hove City Council, 16th = Environment Agency for England and Wales, 16th = London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 18th ~ Lloyds Banking Group, 19th ~ Baker & McKenzie LLP, 20th ~ National Assembly for Wales

To see the complete top 100 employers, click here:

Stonewall's 'How To Engage Gay People In Your Work' guide:

Full story on the Notts Healthcare NHS Trust website:

Economic Crisis Hits Youth Health ~ Anxiety, Depression and Drink

Over 2,000 people took part in the ICM poll

The ICM poll /survey highlighted, amongst other things:

'One in four under 25s (24%) say they are drinking more heavily since the financial crisis hit, compared to just 14% of all adults'

'New research into the impact of the economic downturn on the nation's health has revealed that it's young people who are being hit the hardest'

The full articles can be found on the website and the UK edition of The Huffington Post

To see them, click the links below

To see the The Huffington Post (UK edition) article, click here:

To see the article, click here:

('The aim of is to provide non-medical people in the UK with good-quality information about health and disease')

Related Items

ICM is a polling organisation

'ICM is committed to providing all consumers of published research with full disclosure of all the relevant information on our survey procedures, questions asked and open access to the results'

To visit the ICM website, click this link:


'YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people'

To visit the YoungMinds website, click this link:

To visit the YoungMinds website page on depression, click this link:

NP2PN's INFO page has other helpful sites, including the YoungMinds entry:


Moodscope is a website set up by Jon Cousins

The website 'allows users to record their mood by spinning and flipping 20 playing cards, which each represent an emotion, such as anger or anxiety. Users rate each card on a four-point scale, and the results are combined into a daily score, which can be plotted on a graph and tracked over time.'

The 'pro' version is free until February 2012, but there will be a 'lite' version available after that

Moodscope website:

Moodscope blog online:

You should always obtain professional medical advice before making any decision that may have medical implications for you

See NP2PN 'Important Notice':

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A Guardian article on Moodscope, entitled, 'Online test that could help patients manage their moods'

To see the article, click this link:

Peer Support Worker Visits the Gateway Drop In

A peer support worker (from Notts Healthcare NHS Trust) visited people at the Gateway drop in centre, in Nottingham (Weds 25th Jan 2012)

She was made welcome, sharing a hot drink and experiences with the group

Another new person joined us and he enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Day: There is one session per week, on a Wednesday:

Time: 1.30pm until 3.30pm

Venue: St James's Room, at St Peter's Church, St Peter's Gate, Nottingham NG1 2NW

To find out more about the Gateway drop in, click this link:

Psychiatric Liaison Team at QMC Accredited by Royal College of Psychiatrists

The Psychiatric Liaison Accreditation Network praised the QMC team for its patience and understanding and for providing a wide range of treatments

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust's liaison psychiatric team, at the Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, who provide mental health care to patients have been recognised for improving its service

The team is the first in the East Midlands to be accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists Centre for quality improvement. The accreditation is part of the Psychiatric Liaison Accreditation Network (PLAN)

What is the Psychiatric Liaison Accreditation Network (PLAN), click here:

There are 4 categories of accreditation: Category 1 ~ "accredited with excellence", Category 2 ~ "accredited", Category 3 ~ "accreditation deferred", Category 4 ~ "not accredited". To find what these mean, see 'Related Items' below (number 3)

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1) The Psychiatric Liaison Accreditation Network (PLAN) would like feedback from service users and carers on your experience of psychiatric liaison services:

For Service users, click here for the online questionnaire:

For Carers, click here for the online questionnaire:

2) For information about what a psychiatric liaison team does, click the link below:
3) Quality Standards for Liaison Psychiatry Services

A manual produced by PLAN explains what the criteria the psychiatric liaison teams need to do to reach accreditation

'A manual of standards written primarily for: Professionals who deliver liaison psychiatry services Commissioners Managers. Also of interest to: People with physical and mental health problems; Carers of people with physical and mental health problems; Non-mental health professionals in the general hospital; Crisis Resolution/Home Treatment Teams; Out-of-hours mental health services; Researchers; Policy makers'

To download the manual, click here:

Stonebridge City Farm, St Ann's

Stonebridge Receives £30,000 from Comic Relief

Stonebridge City Farm, St Ann's, who lost their grant from the council in the recent cuts, have just received £30,000 from Comic Relief. This will help them for about two years

They need to continue their fundraising efforts

Recently, Chris Leslie (Nottingham East MP) set up a corporate lunch day to raise awareness of the farm. The lease for the farm was signed over 30 years ago in 1978, and has continued to grow over the years

At the lunch on Thursday 13th January 2012, companies such as Capital One, Boots, Ernst and Young, Experian, and Ikana were there. No one has made a pledge to officially back Stonebridge, but they did attend

Nottingham Post Opinion, was on why Stonebridge City Farm is the right choice to support

Click this link to read the opinion:

Framework Receives £300,000 To Help Homelessness in Nottingham


Framework have just been given around £300,000 to help migrants sleeping rough in the city. It was a grant from the Department for Communities and Local Government (£248,000) and Nottingham City Council (£60,000)

For more on this story, visit the Nottingham Post website

Click this link to go to the Post story:

To visit Framework's website, click here:

Peer Support Worker Service Countywide (Nottinghamshire)

A service to help service users and carers

Notts Healthcare NHS Trust provides Peer Support Workers and Carer Peer Support Workers

Covers the whole of Nottinghamshire in the following areas:

North County ~ Bassetlaw, Newark & Sherwood, Mansfield & Ashfield

South County ~ Gedling, Rushcliffe, Broxtowe & Hucknall

For more information and how to access the service, please click the link below:

(On the updated Recovery Page, with much more to come)

Fighting Depression Stigma - England Cricketer on BBC1

'Former England cricketer Andrew Flintoff talks to sporting professionals about the impact of depression, confronting his own issues as England captain under pressure and under fire, and reveals the stigma attached to talking about the condition in public that often leaves people to suffer in silence'

When: 11th January 2012, at 10.45pm on BBC1 (Duration 50 min's)

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BBC1 Webpage link:

Andrew Flintoff Admits Despair (BBC Cricket):

Depression UK Website:

Professor Marion Walker Awarded an MBE

Professor Walker has spoken of her delight of being awarded the MBE in the Queen's New Year Honours

Ms Walker is the lead for the CLAHRC-NDL* Stroke Rehabilitation Theme and Professor in stroke rehabilitation at the University of Nottingham's Division of Rehabilitation and Ageing

She said, "I am absolutely thrilled to receive this honour. It is just fantastic that the work of the stroke rehabilitation research at The University of Nottingham has been recognised in this way. Improving the quality of life of stroke survivors is central to all our efforts ."

For information on aspects of the stroke rehabilitation theme, click this link:

* CLAHRC-NDL means Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care - Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire

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Notts, Derbys and Lincs CLAHRC Annual Meeting September 2010 on YouTube:

Includes a piece from Professor Mike Cooke (Notts Healthcare NHS Trust) and others, including the stroke rehabilitation team

The Stroke Association has information on how to recognise a stroke:

Combat Stress

'A 24 hour helpline for the military community and their families who are seeking help and advice for mental health issues'

To find out more go to the Info page entry, by clicking the link below:

Or click the Combat Stress Helpline logo (above) to go directly to their website

New Year Barn Dance - Stonebridge City Farm

Music by Uncle Bernard's Band

A charity fundraiser in aid of Stonebridge City Farm, the Chilwell Road Methodist Church Charity 2012

Where: Chilwell Road Methodist Church Hall, Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1EH

Google Maps:

When: Saturday January 21st ~ 7pm until 10pm

Tickets: £7 per person, £5 concession or £20 for a family

Contacts: Chilwell Road Methodist Church Office: 0115 943 1164

Stonebridge City Farm: 0115 950 5113 (ask for Stephen)

'Supper and drinks included'

Websites: Stonebridge City Farm:

Chilwell Road Methodist Church Hall:

Route from Stonebridge City Farm to the venue, click here:

Welcome to the New 'Snippets' of News 2012

The news page contains information about current events, topics and news of importance or relevance to mental health service users and other interested people

If you have news items to share, please send them to:

The New Psychology of Depression - Mindfulness

For all the Oxford University podcasts on the new psychology of depression, go to the Notts Peer To Peer Network Training page, which has links to all 6 audio podcasts and 4 videos

Included on the Training page is a link to the 3 minute breathing space guided meditation by Professor Mark Williams (Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow at Oxford University)

Click this link to go to Training page and the podcasts links:

Professor Williams and Dr Penman co-authored the bestselling book 'Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World' (includes a CD) ISBN-10:074995308X, or ISBN-13: 978-0749953089

Amazon Uk link to the book/CD:

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Nottingham Recovery Education Centre - Spring Term 2012

Spring Term 2012 Courses Prospectus Published


For the Spring Term Courses Prospectus, click the picture above (PDF file)

The new Spring term prospectus (January to April 2012) has been published

To see the list of the 45 courses, please see the Training page

Notts Peer To Peer Network's (NP2PN) Archive 2011

At the end of the each year the news snippets are transferred to an archived page and a new year of snippets begins

If you missed some news items, they can be found on the NP2PN Archive page

News items listed in the News 2011 Archive include:

Happy New Year For 2012; New Whistleblowing Helpline For The NHS; Bipolar MDF Group Nottingham (update); The New Psychology of Depression; NP2PN's Winter E-newsletter; NHCT December's 'Positive' newsletter; Recovery Education Centre - Spring Term 2012; Tough Times Ahead For Homelessness Organisations; A Service Users Blog On Mike Cooke's Talk; NP2PN Season's Greetings; A New Homeless Hotline Launched; Courses In How To Build Websites; Youths Trace Their Recovery; Whose Recovery Is It Anyway?; 'Well Wide Web' Diagram on the Info Page; Framework's 10 Days of Action 'Triumph'; The New Health and Social Care Bill; New - Rolling News On The NP2PN Forum; Welfare Reform and Mental Health; Self Harm in Adolescents - Australian Study; International MENSDAY November 19th; Alix Hind - Peer Support Worker; Health & Wellbeing Market Place (Mansfield); Film Section For The Chill Out Page; Labels In Mental Health; Gateway Drop In Art Group; New A5 Size Poster/Leaflet/Flyer For Gateway; Workplace Stress - Bullying; Depression & The Benefit of Exercise - Free Talk; Notts Healthcare NHS Trust's Facebook Page; We Are Everywhere - International Peer Support Sites; Poetry By Liz Hayto, A NP2PN Member; Autumn Notts Peer To Peer Network e-newsletter out now - Order your free copy; CLAHRC-NDL Information - Research That Affects ALL Service Users; Middle Street Musicians Third Album - Between the Notes; The Head Of The Trust: Professor Mike Cooke CBE; Prison Art And The Koestler Trust; The Gateway Drop In Centre News About Focus; Sharing Stories - Notts Healthcare NHS Trust AGM; Nottingham Mental Health awareness Weeks (MHAW) 9th to 21st October 2011; NHS Nottingham City AGM at the Council House; Current Volunteering Opportunities; The Hardest Hit Rally - Nottingham; Stonebridge City Farm - Events; Notts Peer To Peer Network (NP2PN) visited Stonebridge City Farm - see the video; Recovery Education Centre Student Parliament Meeting; Learn Vital Life Saving Skills - 2 Free Demonstrations; Recovery Education Centre, Students Swimming Club - Every Saturday; Groups, Organisations and Recovery Items Added In August; Self Help Groups: Do You Want To Know More?; News About Peer Support Worker Training; Training Page Updated; Autumn e-Newsletter; The 'Gateway Drop In' Centre In Nottingham Launched; Groups and Organisations Added To The Information Page In July; Drop In Centre For Nottingham City Centre (1); Cash For Your Community - Nottingham Post Results; Search Notts Peer To Peer Network; Charges For IT/Computer Courses At Focus, Aspley; Drop-In Centre For Nottingham City Centre (2); Groups and Organisations Added To The Information Page In June; Web Page Design Course at Focus; Drop-In Centre For Nottingham City Centre (3); The Nottingham City Big Health Day 2011; Coping With Voices Workshop; Women's Choir Challenge; Personality Disorders Study; Not Received Your NP2PN e-Newsletter?; NP2PN Article in Nottingham in Faith Magazine; News From Middle Street Advocacy Group; How to Use The Information Page on NP2PN; The Notts Peer to Peer Network Steering Group; FOCUS; The Corner House is 25 years old; Health through warmth (from NPower); 'Living Your Life'; Online Photography at Wall5, run by Nottingham Trent University

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